Plans for Purpose Start Now

Plans for Fun and Purpose

What I want to achieve, what I want in life:

When B asked me this, I didn’t know what to say yet beyond that I want something for me. Now I think I know more specifically. I want to have my own career that I am passionate about. Most importantly, I want to live abroad and have adventures and explore.

And through this Master’s degree program (more details revealed later), I want to give other people the opportunity to do the same. I want to share culture with people and experiences and give everyone a chance to share these things because I think it enriches each individual’s life and our world.

I want to independent and have more money and feel more in control. To have a full life. To have the chance to WORK HARD with a lot of independence and have ADVENTURES.

I can see myself going so many directions with this degree. It is more legitimate than it sounds. I really want to work as a director in higher education and/or to live abroad and run a program.

I am getting there, I see it in my future. But it is up to me NOW to make it happen soon, because I need that, I MUST. All I need is one more letter of recommendation.

So the big goal: get that last letter of recommendation, finish editing my essay, and turn this application in by next WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 12th.


3 thoughts on “Plans for Purpose Start Now

  1. Excited for you and interested to hear more about this program! Here’s to making a lot of headway today so you don’t have to spend too much of the weekend on it 😉

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