Bucket List

1. Earn a doctorate

2. Own my own home – Checkalthough we sold it before we moved abroad

3. Live in a foreign country – CHECK! I now live in Hong Kong!

4. Continue French lessons and finally master the language (I am an intermediate-advanced speaker but wish to be better)

5. Travel to Morocco

6. Live in a French-speaking country for at least 4 months or so

7. Compete in a triathlon

8. Write a book

9. Get married to B. —> Married June 23, 2012!

10. Be sober (I want to get to say “I MADE IT!”)

11. Be a great mom

12. Have a fulfilling purpose in life. Be happy, thankful, content, and at peace with myself – LOVE MYSELF

3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. What kind of book?!! And I’ve always “dreamed” of climbing a mountain…I don’t think I’d ever even be capable of it…but I used to dream of it 🙂 Ah to romanticize everything though hey? 😉

  2. Thanks for dropping by, nice list and hope you’ll get to cross off one by one soon 😉 and nice blog too, will drop by time by time.

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