Spiritual Resolutions on the Epiphany

I decided what my non-traditional (I say that because it’s not health or self-improvement related, not directly…although it definitely is indirectly) resolution is this year: TO GO TO CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY UNLESS I AM OUT OF TOWN.

I went last Sunday, January 6th, on the Epiphany and it was wonderful. I went by myself since B was out of town but this weekend we are going together (I was shocked when he said he was excited to go with me – see, he’s an agnostic at best. 😉 ). I am just trying to be really faith-centered this year. It feels so good to have a resolution that I am excited about and that is totally attainable. I am excited for church this Sunday, it brings me such strength.

Cool things:

  • I finished “Fall of Giants” AND Catherine Cookson’s “The Glass Virgin” and now I am reading her book “The Black Velvet Gown”. ON track with my reading goal! I am also trying to watch way less TV (and succeeding).
  • Except I am going to watch Downton Abbey today!
  • What do you think of the Duchess of Cambridge’s official portrait? I think the artist is great but he didn’t do her justice at all!
  • I decided that by two years from this summer, I am going to be in France again! So by 2015.
  • I’ve been studying my French every day again. BRINGS ME JOY!
  • I have so many motivators to get healthy for and I am DETERMINED.

Have a great weekend everyone! We are doing more house hunting, going to the gym, and going clothes shopping (a rare occurrence and one that I am very excited for)! I love GUESS!