Feeling like my true self

When I don’t drink, I feel like my true self. The world is good and bright. And I can make smart decisions on how to feel my best. I feel good when I wake up every morning. My brain slowly gets more and more positive and can deal with situations better and better. Using positive coping skills is all about practice.

I did GREAT for three days. Three sober days. Can’t wait to have that feeling back tonight and tomorrow morning and forever!

Yesterday had a bit of a slip-up. But never again! I just need to analyze it….After a very busy day, I came home exhausted and hungry and drained. What should I have done instead of having a glass of wine and then binge-eating?

I should have chugged an entire can of club soda, took some Valerian (an herb that really helps me), put my feet up, took a few deep breaths, read the books to my son, then watched my movie with my earphones while he watched his, then ate a proper dinner – dinner part was hard because it wasn’t planned out but I could have thought of something and plated a balanced meal. Then taken my medicine and just relaxed my brain not worrying about being perfect until bedtime. Next time I will do all this. I promise. Love you, self.

Game plan today: Exercise, fast until dinner because I am SO full after binge eating before bed, have a healthy dinner, don’t drink, drink some Valerian tea, and go to bed. And know I will never drink again and thus never have to feel this shit feeling again! That makes me smile. I feel RELIEF. Tomorrow is my birthday and it is going to be the best, SOBER, self-love, HOT BODY confident, TRUE-SELF year!

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