1.)    In February, we spent the first two weekends of the month in San Diego. From February 8-10, my dad and my youngest sister were there so we went down to see them. Then from February 15-17, B and I went down again for Valentine’s Day. That Saturday we visited San Diego’s Mission de Alcala, the oldest mission in California. It was beautiful and I definitely recommend visiting. On Sunday, B took me to the ballet in downtown San Diego as my Valentine’s Day present. I think it’s safe to say that neither of us would recommend this ballet. The theater was very tiny and the performance sub par to what I expected. But overall we had a really great weekend together.

Mission San Diego de Alcalá

2.)    This weekend we just went to the dog park and then put an offer in for a house we looked at yesterday. It’s definitely, of all the houses we looked at so far, the one that fits us the best.

3.)    I am feeling okay, but still not great due to a lot of changes with my medications, and trying to get off one of them. 😦 It’s really hard.

4.)    However, I am planning to take a French class again soon at a French language school. And I am so excited to say that I have started planning a trip to go to France with my mom in 2014!!! She has never been to Europe so I’m very excited to take her and show her around. 🙂


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