House Hunting

I caught a cold from my husband so I spent yesterday really sick. I know, I know…more health problems. I still don’t feel great today but a little better than yesterday.

I had my green smoothie again today after neglecting it for a few days and I must say I feel so much better when I have it. I am making it a priority to have one of those No excuses. Sadly, I have absolutely ZERO room in my diet for error right now. I have to make everything I eat count!

I also have to be patient, which is something I am particularly bad at. I am trying to pray a lot.

We went to look at several houses and townhouses on Saturday and ended up putting offers in for two of them! The one that is an actual house is very teeny tiny but it would be a good little starter home. It’s actually a very cute, older house that has been updated with new hardwood floors and a new kitchen and bathrooms. Three bedrooms but only 950 square feet! It has a humongous yard. We have been looking at some townhouses, a lot of them actually, but I just don’t feel like those would feel the same to me. They don’t feel like a real home. It kind of feels like we would still be renters, whereas buying an actual single-family house feels more real to me. That might seem weird, but it’s just the feeling I get. Of course the town houses are more affordable. I cannot believe how expensive tiny little houses are in California! This one we looked at on Saturday is the first one that is affordable but in a nice neighborhood. The only downside is that it has absolutely no closet and storage space. I mean virtually none! The closets in each bedroom are the size of a small coat closet! That’s the only thing we don’t know how we would work out (there’s also no real coat closet or linen closet to speak of). Despite that, after thinking about it a lot, I am hoping they take our offer on that house because I could really see us living there and it would only be temporary since we might have to move in a couple of years out of California or to a different location in California. It’s such a cute little house! Even contemplating buying her a house makes me feel like a real adult! It has an open floor plan flow look forward to entertaining there. And of course, there is a ton of outdoor entertaining space, which you can do virtually year-round here.

You know what else made me feel like an adult recently? Sending out our own Christmas cards for the first time! I ordered them from and I was really pleased with how they turned out. I put two wedding photos and a picture of our pug on there (of course). I sent most of them out last week.

B and I exchanged our Christmas presents early this weekend. I know, really early. We knew we didn’t want to (or couldn’t) take them all the way to Denver, and I guess we were both just so excited about giving them that we decided to do it. I got him a tablet (the Nexus 10 16GB), which he is so excited about…maybe too excited since he is already addicted to his phone and technology. What was I thinking?! Anyway, it is the most expensive present I have ever bought anybody. He got me a bistro set for our front porch so I can sit outside and read or journal. I’m really excited about that. It’s wicker and really cute.

I am just really, really hoping I feel better by Christmas (with the anemia and everything else).

What are your plans for Christmas?

What is the most expensive gift you have ever bought?

Any first time home-buying experience to share?


3 thoughts on “House Hunting

    • I would definitely get an armoire if we got that house! Several! I think I just meant that the 900 square feet seemed so small compared to the HUGE yard even though it’s not that bad. 😉

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