30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Days 3 and 4

Right now I’m watching A League of Their Own, one of my favorite movies ever! Last night, B and I watched We Bought a Zoo – it was SO cute. I recommend it for kids and adults.

The gratitude word/photo for November 3 is Nature.

This photo was taken from the reception tent at my wedding. It was our wedding view! We got married outside of Evergreen, Colorado. Growing up in Colorado, loving nature has always been one of the biggest parts of who I am. I love animals, I love the mountains, I love all kinds of landscapes. I am so thankful for getting to grow up in Colorado and for all the opportunities I have had to get to experience nature. I love getting to explore around California (and I want to make a point to do a lot more of exploring the national parks in California in 2013). I’m thankful to be alive in a time where there is still beautiful nature to see and I hope we can keep our earth beautiful for future generations. i look forward to all of my future adventures with nature. I’m thankful for all the beautiful flowers in the townhome complex I live in. J I am thankful for the seasons. I’m thankful for how nature makes me feel alive.

The word for today, November 4th, is clothing. This one gets a little materialistic, but I’m going to just say how much I love GUESS (my absolute favorite brand)! It’s always so hard to find jeans that fit right, and GUESS brand fits me perfectly! J I love everything in their stores. Hey, it’s okay for small joys to make us happy too!

What is the next place in nature you can’t wait to visit? I want to go to the Big Sur, California.

What is your favorite clothing brand?


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