30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge

I really love a new blog I have found called Positively Present. I don’t remember how I found Dani’s blog a few months ago but I love the message of positivity and of being present in your own life. When I saw her post today about doing a 30 day gratitude challenge, I was excited. I might not have an actual photo for each topic every day but I plan to discuss the topics. Even if I get behind, I will lump several topics/photos into one day… but let’s hope I don’t get too behind!

The photo topic for November 1 is Words. For the photo, I immediately thought of my trip to the Indianapolis Art Museum a couple of weeks ago and seeing the LOVE sculpture outside of the museum. So I kind of turned this topic into LOVE.

Love is probably the thing in my life I have to be most grateful for. It’s my biggest blessing. I have such an amazing husband and I am grateful every day for his adoration of me and for our partnership.

Someone recently asked me what I love about my husband. If I had to pick two things I love most about him, they would be how he is a true, old-fashioned gentleman and his superb confidence in everything he does. I also love how we both love to learn and have discussions and how he makes me laugh. I met him through a mutual friend about six months after I graduated from college. We all went out together in a group of people the night I met him. He was my friend’s neighbor (apparently she had already told him about me and he had looked me up on Facebook and thought I was beautiful). I spent the night at my friend’s house and we all met up again in the morning to go out to breakfast, except I couldn’t go because I had to head to work. We were all standing in the parking lot in their apartment complex and when I said that, he said, “I can’t let you go before I get your number because I want to take you out to dinner.” He just stepped in front of this whole group of people and said that. This story embodies everything he is. Of course I am very attracted to him, but he isn’t necessarily what you would call conventionally attractive, he just has this complete confidence. I literally agreed to give him my number because I was so impressed he asked me for in front of the whole group of people when I could have said no and totally embarrassed him. I also thought he was hilarious. Anyway, we went on our first date and had a great time and we’ve been together ever since. He has proceeded to spoil me and treat me like his princess every day we’ve been together. 🙂

I also have a very loving family and extended family. I have such wonderful parents and had the best childhood I could ever imagine. I’m so excited to go home to Denver for Christmas to see everyone. One of my goals this month is to keep in better contact with my sisters and with my favorite Uncle who is going through a really hard time right now with his divorce (he also lives in New Jersey and currently has no power so he’s going through all that too).

I think the thing I love most about my family is all of our mutual love for intellectual debate and all of the laughter at all of our get-togethers.

For today, November 2nd, the photo prompt is Technology.

photo credit: naplesnews.com

I have been thinking about technology a lot lately for three reasons.

1.)    I’ve been watching the show Revolution (if you don’t know what it is, it’s a post-apocalyptic show about what would happen if the world suddenly had no electricity – a total, seemingly permanent blackout).

2.)    I am reading David McCullough’s biography of John Adams and thinking about how everything moved so slowly back then because all communication was done by letters (which could take forever to get to their destination) but how the human race survived just fine.

3.)    All of the stuff going on with hurricane Sandy on the East Coast – all the people having no power.

Anyways, I don’t really have an original photo for technology but I want to discuss it anyways. We are SO dependent upon technology. Humans used to survive just fine without it, ie. in John Adams’ times, but if there was suddenly no technology or electricity at all like in the show Revolution, everything would literally turn to chaos, looting, and violence. It would be hard to turn back from where we are now. It’s quite scary! I’m honestly trying to take more time to detach from technology lately, and it really settles my brain. At the same time, I’m praying for everyone on the East Coast! I think one of the hardest things is how cold it’s getting and nobody has any heat (among many other things). Watching all the news coverage is devastating.

Tell me about the love in your life.

Are you addicted to technology? I wouldn’t say I’m addicted, but my husband is!


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