Cooking with Wine

On Sunday night, I cooked with wine for the first time when I made The Pioneer Woman’s Cajun Chicken Pasta. IT WAS SO GOOD!

This past weekend was SO relaxing after traveling every weekend for the entire month of October! We just ran errands, relaxed, and spent a lot of time at the dog park!

National Novel Writing Month is coming back in November and this year I am going to do it! B sent me this link last Spring and I’ve been waiting for it to come back around. The website has forums to connect with people and a place to log your progress. I want so badly to be a more dedicated person with better follow through. I am going to commit to working X hours a day (to be determined) Monday through Friday on my novel starting November 1st. I wish I could TYPE! But I just have to accept I can’t and dictate to I actually do this.

I found this article interesting on what Eudaimonia is, a psychological/sociology term I had never heard of. “Eudaimonia’ refers to a state of well-being and full functioning that derives from a sense of living in accordance with one’s deeply held values—in other words, from a sense of authenticity.”

I am still really struggling with panic disorder that has developed some agoraphobic tendencies. I am glad I have therapy tomorrow. The link is a good description of what panic disorder is and reading it again helped me feel like I am not going crazy.


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