Indianapolis Trip

Well, I fell off the blogging wagon a little bit, but I’m back and going to continue with my goal of posting every day. On Sunday night we got home from our four-day trip to Indianapolis. We went there for a friend’s wedding. Let me tell you, I didn’t really have high expectations of Indianapolis, but I was SO pleasantly surprised with this city! Besides getting no sleep (I’m not being hard for me), I really had a great time. Indianapolis is a very cool city. I enjoyed all the brick buildings that come from their long manufacturing history.

I spent most of the weekend with my mother-in-law since my husband was a groomsman in the wedding and he had all of his obligatory duties with that. And you know what? We truly had a great time together. I think she is over, at least mostly, her major insecurities about my husband growing up and me being the number one lady in his life now. Anyway, it felt like old times when we used to have a lot of fun together. I feel so relieved because I really like this lady and I really love all of my husband’s family. It’s really made me think about how much insecurity creates conflict, and I’m trying to get rid of that in my own life. It’s like people unconsciously act out in a way that they don’t even realize.

Our friends got married in a very cool artsy/reinvented warehouse type of space right in downtown Indianapolis. We flew in Thursday night and on Friday the rehearsal was at 11 AM followed by a lunch. That evening we went out downtown. On Saturday my husband was tied up all day doing groomsman stuff, so my mother-in-law and I went to the Indianapolis Art Museum. I LOVE art museums and I had no idea she did too! The Indianapolis Art Museum is really cool and I would recommend you go there if you visit the city. It was very extensive and they also had adjacent gardens that were really beautiful. It made me want to take a class just for fun.

Saturday night was the wedding. It was really beautiful. It was hard for me though. I think I’m still going through some post-wedding blues of my own, and it made me sad my wedding is already over! Going into this trip I was really nervous about how I wouldn’t get any sleep, but I just focused on how happy I am for these friends and also the things I am working on in therapy. It also really helped that the hotel we stayed at had a great pool that I could swim laps in every morning!!! We stayed at the Omni Severin in downtown Indianapolis, which I would also recommend.

The groom is a friend of my husband’s from the Army and the bride is also someone I have become good friends with. Her husband and mine deployed to Afghanistan together in 2010 and even though we lived far away from each other but we kept in constant contact through e-mail and gchat. She was a great help to me and I hope I was to her.

I almost forgot that on Sunday morning my mother-in-law and I went to mass at a really cool Catholic church that was almost like a cathedral in downtown Indianapolis. I’m not even Catholic, although my dad did grow up Catholic, but I loved seeing the interior of this church and I love learning about religion.

I actually identify myself as an Episcopalian and I want to start going to church more. I don’t know how to describe my religious beliefs really. I am a Christian but I don’t get into a lot of that stuff, like I don’t take the Bible literally at all, I don’t believe in evangelism, etc. I never went to church regularly as a kid. My mom and I did go every couple of weeks when I am most recently lived at home. However, I really want to be a more faithful person. I feel like going to church centers me and helps me keep hopeful. So this is one of my goals.


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