Thoughts on a Rest Day

This really inspired me today. Whenever you set out to do something, the beginning IS always the hardest. Then you get used to it and you build confidence. I am beginning a journey and I want to remember this and keep pushing through.

I ALWAYS do this. It really works. And if you toss the coin and you still don’t know the answer while it’s in the air, then the decision AND/OR final outcome probably isn’t that important anyway.
Why I love quotations:

Had a really fun weekend with my brother-in-law even though I didn’t feel that well. I just have to rest a lot and push through this journey. I don’t have any other choice left if I am going to survive and thrive. I am trying to rest today even though I faltered this morning. I am going to sleep a lot and just let everything else be. I am proud of myself for keeping on track with my goal to blog every day in October! 🙂 Small accomplishments build confidence and at the very least just feel good. Other goal today: make my doctor appointments.

I finished Divergent and am now reading the second book in the series, Insurgent. To be honest, Divergent was really slow the first half and then it picked up. This second book is really good though. Full reviews coming soon.


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