Furniture Oct 4

In case you haven’t noticed, I am doing October Blogfest – aka Blogtober – where I blog every day for the month of October. So far so good, it feels great.

Yesterday was kind of a stress bomb for me, as we like to call it around here. B’s parents had two houses but they just sold one to move into the smaller lake house because his dad retired and all of their kids are out of the house now. So they wanted to give us some of the furniture from their bigger house that they no longer needed. I didn’t really want any of this furniture because we had to pay a lot for shipping it down here we don’t even have room for any of it right now in our townhouse. B convinced me that we should take the two couches (well, one armchair and a couch) that are really nice and relatively new. They are gray suede and I really like them. So I’m happy we got those. It makes our living room look a lot nicer. Anyway, I was really expecting to get these two couches, a coffee table, and an antique pinball machine that is actually pretty cool and worth some money. Lo and behold, this HUGE moving truck arrived yesterday with so much more stuff that is now clogging up our house and garage. A lot of that is just junk, a beat up old desk, vinyl bookshelves, boxes and boxes of stuff, and a huge entertainment center we don’t even need. The worst part is that we had to pay by weight so all of this became really expensive (it was driven down from Seattle to Southern California). I did not need to pay $2300 for used furniture that I didn’t even want! We have gotten a nice new couch for that. I’m just so annoyed about this situation. I feel like B felt pressured into taking it. I just need to get over it I guess it. STRESS BOMB THOUGH! Of course my mother-in-law will probably expect us to be so grateful she sent us everything and whine about how much of a pain it was to pack it up for us.

My brother-in-law is coming to visit tonight for the weekend. It will be fun. I definitely love both of my brothers-in-law. B has two younger brothers and I have two younger sisters! We are also all the same respective ages. Quite funny. We will probably go down to San Diego at some point.

It’s finally 86*here today! Wow, October 4th and we are finally out of the mid to high 90s. I turned off the AC today and have the windows open.

I took care of that ant problem in our bathroom but now they’re in our kitchen. I HATE ANTS. I’m wiping down the counters all the time with vinegar, my dad’s old solution, which actually works (look it up) but only last for 8-12 hours so you have to keep re-doing it. I guess if we go out of town this week I will spray ant poison before we go. It’s hard to do that when we’re home because of my dog. They are just so gross. I totally lose my appetite.

Well, I have a lot of cleaning to do today. I have to clear out a lot of our master bedroom so we can put some of this furniture up there. It needs to be done anyway. This place is too small for all of our stuff already, so we still have boxes up there that are unpacked from moving last March. They are just stored in a corner. I need to go through them today. Our next big goal is to buy a house. Both exciting and stressful to think about. It’s hard because B’s job this potentially really relocatable, and with the housing market like it is I don’t want to buy a house just have to sell it in the next couple of years! But I really want an actual house to live in with the yard for my dog. It is getting really old taking him out on a leash to go the bathroom every time.

Going to go swimming in a little while once it warms up a bit, since the outdoor pool I go to is quite cold. I went last night and I’m proud of that. Can’t wait to go again today with my new swim cap! I feel so fast with it on. 😉


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