October 2

I just had a great swim. I started a documented goal last Wednesday to go five days a week. In the last seven days (Wednesday-Tuesday), I have gone five days! I’m going to write out my swim schedule for this next week too.

I wore my new swim cap today for the first time. I bought a Speedo Performance adult solid silicone swim cap labeled “long hair fit” off of Amazon.com last week. My review: very positive. My issues in the past have been that swim caps are too tight (for my hair) and that they actually end up pulling out a lot of hair that gets snagged on them. This one’s packaging says that it won’t snag hair and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that to be true. I felt like a real swimmer today!

Also I just had a delicious avocado with Greek yogurt, sea salt, and salsa on top. This combo is even better with cottage cheese in place of the Greek yogurt (this is the original way I have always eaten it but don’t have cottage cheese). It’s amazing. You should try it.

This afternoon I’m planning to go to the coffee shop down the street to finish writing my application essay.

Just wanted to add my husband found out he got a promotion today! He is so amazing and I’m so proud of him! He is truly awesome at the business he is in and he deserved it. I feel so blessed about the two financial increases we have had lately. Not to sound selfish, but I just feel so liberated because of them that I can pursue things now to help ME. Now we can afford for me to go to therapy and get the help I need, for me to go back to school, to pay off our loans, and for me to get out of the house and go do things. I don’t feel as trapped anymore that I won’t be able to pursue my own fulfillment. There are still discouraging things about my path, like getting into grad school in the first place and feeling well enough to do it, but my heart feels eased of much worry. Money doesn’t automatically buy happiness, but it creates many opportunities to create happiness if you keep gratefulness in your heart. I hope it’s okay that I shared this. I so often feel guilty for good things. But I know my husband deserved this so much.


4 thoughts on “October 2

  1. yay for doing so well with your swimming. I bet it affects your mood positively too, right? 🙂 I have that same swimming cap too. I like it a lot more than I like swimming itself, I think. Swimming is just so different from running and I think I’m going to drown after 20 minutes. I’m working on getting better though. I plan to go to the pool this afternoon 🙂

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