My husband and I like to make fun of people who say “YOLO”, but the truth is it’s true. You only live once.

I started my application for a graduate program at one of the Claremont colleges today. I really feel like I have nothing to lose by turning it in. Except $75, which really bugs me since I have wasted money lately that should have gone towards positive things like that.

I still feel like I’m really drowning with no structure. L Really struggling. I contacted one therapist last week and she is supposed to call me back on Monday to set up on appointment. She will be expensive because she is not covered by my HMO. I’m going outside of them because I don’t feel like they give me proper care since they don’t have enough appointments open, among many, many other things.

I have to force myself to create substructure this week:

  • Monday: swim in the morning, in the afternoon go get my fingerprints done for my new volunteer job, cook dinner, go on a walk
  • Tuesday: swim in the morning, go to the social security office to officially change my name (I decided to replace my middle name with my maiden name and then take my husband’s last name as my last name… I’m going to use the full name – first, maiden, new last name – on all checks, signatures etc.)
  • Wednesday: swim in the morning, go to the coffee shop in the afternoon and finish my application
  • Thursday: swim in the morning, clean the whole house for my brother-in-law’s arrival that evening
  • Friday – Sunday: my brother-in-law is here

Then the next Monday I will start my volunteer job. I will possibly have therapy one of these days THIS week (Weds or Thurs). I want to (and will) write out meal plans each day, even if that means spending more money getting pre-packaged salads or time pre-packaging leftovers for myself for lunches.

I AM NOT allowed to drink coffee this week, not even decaf, until we go to San Diego. When I drink coffee, I have to have sugar in it and the sugar makes me crazy. I am sick of feeling like that and getting thrown off. From now on, mornings will begin with a cup of herbal tea and a centering practice. THIS IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!

We have ants in our upstairs bathroom! I hate/fear ants like other people hate spiders. Getting ready for a major cleaning and bug spraying session.

After being obsessed with Gossip Girl for quite awhile, I ran out of episodes on Netflix (they only had seasons 1-4) and had to find a new show to watch while I waited for B to download season 5 for me. I settled on the show Revenge and now am addicted to that. I had mulitple marathons of it all last week and finished season one last night! Now I’m ready for season two which starts TONIGHT on ABC.

However, despite this, my other goal for the next couple of days is to detox from technology and read more. I feel overwhelmed with TV/computer sometimes and it induces anxiety after awhile because I’m zoned out and not thinking clearly. I ordered the book Divergent by Veronica Roth from Amazon on Friday so I’m hoping it gets here tomorrow. Has anyone read it?

Blake Lively, my ultimate girl crush


Emily Van Camp is so cute. I just want to be her friend.

Any other Revenge or Gossip Girl fans out there? Remember, Season 2 of Revenge starts tonight, Sept. 30th and Gossip Girl’s final season starts Oct. 8th.



2 thoughts on “YOLO

  1. It is true, you only live once, so live it up!! 🙂 I do love gosspi girl I watch it on netflix im only halfway through season two though. Good luck this week, I’m sure you will do great, and your brother husband and the rest of us in blog world will be so proud! 🙂

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