Olympic Fever

Getting ready to watch the women’s soccer semi-final match between the USA and Canada. I loved watching the Olympic swimming and now I’m sad it’s over but I’m moving on to women’s soccer! Go USA!

I had a great swim this morning. I’ve been especially enjoying swimming during the Olympics!

I literally watch at least six hours of Olympics a day! Olympic fever! The Olympics just make me happy. They just represent all that is right and good in the world.

Update on my eyes: I went to my second ophthalmology appointment last Thursday. The doctor determined that there isn’t any pathology in my actual eyes, but there something wrong with my optic nerve/brain that is causing the problems with my eyesight (loss of peripheral vision and some black and white spots in my central vision). Again, he mentioned that this is possibly indicative of MS, especially in lieu of all of my other neurological symptoms. He wrote a note to the neurologist about it, and either way neurologist will have to look at central nervous system and optic nerve involvement. This is the fifth or sixth time MS has been mentioned to me. I really hope to get relief through a diagnosis soon no matter what it is. I had gotten used somewhat to my other symptoms but this thing with my eyes has scared me.

Today have to work on three things:

  • Make B a doctor appointment
  • make a copy of our marriage license and send it in to B’s work to verify my dependence status
  • change my name! I might use this website missnowmrs.com even though it costs $30

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