Just Feeling It

The older I get, the more certain things are becoming important to me: the particular things I’m working on right now are taking care of my skin and getting better nutrition.

One of my main goals right now, especially in lieu of all my health problems, is to start taking a daily multivitamin. My biggest obstacle to this is the constipation the vitamins cause. This is mostly due to the calcium carbonate in them. If you are looking to take a calcium supplement by itself, look for a calcium citrate supplement, not calcium carbonate, as calcium carbonate causes constipation in many people. Calcium cirate is a little more expensive, but really only three or four dollars a bottle and it’s worth it. However, I have yet to find a multivitamin that uses calcium citrate so that frustrates me. But I’m going to research.and in the meantime continue taking them anyways. Last time I bought a new bottle of multivitamins, I accidentally bought the senior kind, which doesn’t contain any iron since older man and post menopausal women don’t require as much iron and from my research could be in danger from taking it in a supplement. However, women my age need at least 18 mg of iron a day, and I’m not sure I get that. I have this constant foggy brained feeling and fatigue. I’ve been tested for anemia many times and it’s always negative, impacts all of my electrolytes and vitamin/mineral levels are always fine, but I think some people need more than the threshold they sat in the could still affect you. I don’t know, just my theory. Anyways, I want to cover all my bases. So this Friday I’m going to buy a normal multivitamin that contains iron and commit to taking it every day. I also want to take an omega-3 supplement everyday.

As far as skin care, I started wearing face makeup for the first time recently, just before my wedding. Before that I was really only into eye makeup, which I really love still. I have been using Almay’s new line of makeup products and I LOVE them! The think this is the first time that advertising has directly affected me. They also have great makeup tutorials on their website. I want to do a review soon of all of their products that I bought. I need to invest in some anti-wrinkle creams/anti-aging products though. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I haven’t heard back from anyone on babysitting jobs but I’m hoping I get one soon. The big thing I’ve been working on is about our health insurance. Since we got married we are able to make changes to our benefit, and I have been considering this. But yesterday I came to the conclusion that although I HATE HATE HATE Kaiser Permanente, they are still the best option for us right now, as the HRA and HSA plans that B’s work offered are so much more expensive. I feel like I would get better care but wouldn’t be a will to go very often since they won’t pay anything until your deductible is reached, as opposed to the co-pay system Kaiser has. I just have to really commit to keep fighting for myself against the big beurocratic machine that is Kaiser.

I decided a possible option, since Kaiser’s physical health department is okay but their mental health department is terrible, is for me to seek out a therapist outside of Kaiser. This would be expensive, but even if I could go just once a month it would be better than nothing. I’m going to make some calls about that later today. I really need some help. I just feel more comfortable with that option, with getting to choose my own therapist. I still need to make appointments for the ophthalmologist, neurologists, etc. But I have my arm surgery consult on July 26.

I don’t feel well today. I’m just trying to rest.

Read this if you need a review on some mental health coping skills.


2 thoughts on “Just Feeling It

  1. I am trying to commit to taking a multivitamin everyday too. My problem is that they upset my stomach and I feel terrible for quite some time after consuming it. I’ve also been reading a lot about how low the absorption of many of theses off-the-counter multivitamins is and I wonder whether it’s worth it. I don’t really use make up too much, but I use a moisturizer twice a day and I think it makes a lot of difference. I use the estee lauder anti-wearout or something (the one in the green vase) and it’s really good. It’s a little expensive, but it’s very light, it has 25 SPF so I don’t wear any additional sunscreen, and I love the smell. I figure that since I don’t spend too much on makeup, I might splurge on skincare 🙂

    • I really love estee lauder’s products. That’s what my mom uses.

      I have heard the same thing about absorption and multivitamins. I think I’ll try it for awhile and see how I feel. And work on my real diet too of course!

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