Some Wedding Photos

I really overdid it on the computer yesterday.

Post-wedding stuff:

  • We redid our budget last week when we got home from her honeymoon. We spent a large chunk of her savings account on the wedding, obviously, so now we have to be really careful about saving for the rest of the summer to build our savings back up. It’s obviously comforting to have as much as possible in savings in case of an emergency, also our next big thing is to buy our own home, so that’s what we are saving for (the down payment). I will be so excited to own our own house!
  • I’ve almost finished the thank you notes. We got a lot of great wedding presents. My favorites have been: a food processor, the bedding I wanted from Pottery Barn (a very calming blue/white/sea green combo), all of the blue and white formal dining dishes I wanted, vinegar and oil things, Tom Collins glasses, silver serving utensils, The Newlywed Cookbook, and all of the gift cards.
  • I’m considering exchanging all of the wineglasses we caught (which I’m really excited to have but for some reason we got different ones than the ones I picked on the registry from separate people so I think Pottery Barn messed up), a toaster, a blender, and potentially a few other things.
  • I’m excited to spend random gift cards we got to Macy’s and JCPenney. We registered at Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. We were also really appreciative and needed all the cash we got. I’m going to spend the Macy’s and JCPenney gift cards on clothes.
  • I have had some post-wedding blues. I am so happy with our wedding though. It was amazing and totally worth everything.

The heat wave has finally passed! It really threw me under this week. I actually thought really hard but there are few times I’ve broken it was really frustrating. Today it’s 93* as a high. Much better! We bought on evaporative cooler for $170 and it arrived yesterday but I don’t think it works by one return it. Now my landlord has pushed back coming to fix the AC until tomorrow, but I don’t really care anymore since it’s cooled off.

Here are some more pictures of our wedding. I’m meaning to do a full wedding recap post later today that I will post tonight or tomorrow.

This is the view looking out from our reception tent!

Wow you actually get to see my face. Don’t tell anyone I know.

the bouquets

me zip-lining in the Dominican Republic – actually a really good workout that I could do!


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