Potential Alleviation

So far today I have accomplished going swimming and scheduling an appointment for an arm surgery consult, which I set for July 26th, Thursday. I’m scared I won’t be able to effectively communicate the complexity of my situation with the doctor without seeing an neurologist first, but I’m proud of myself for making that appointment. The other two appointments I have to make are with a neurologist again (if it doesn’t work out this will be the last time I see a neurologist) and with an ophthalmologist to evaluate my eyes for optic neuritis related to MS or something else.

I am working on some things. I scheduled the arm surgery because if that is successful it will open up WAY more jobs for me, even though I would still have to get a second surgery on the left arm to be able to really use a computer. My plan is to get the surgery and then take the pharmacy technician test, apply for state certification, and try to get a job. The other possible opportunity I have is two potential babysitting jobs right now. One is full-time and one is part-time. The full-time lady is supposed to call me on Wednesday morning. To be honest I think that might be too much for me right now, as much as I really want to do it. I would like to do the part-time one 1 to 2 days a week to earn some income and just have something to do FINALLY. So hopefully that would work out and then I could get my arm surgery and have a little more time to set up a real career.

I’m feeling really stressed about my debt and personal finances. Really need to make some phone calls about that today. Getting a part-time job would help me feel so much better about that too. I just need my self-esteem back in to get this boredom alleviated, to feel like I’m working on something.

It’s supposed to be a 103° today! We don’t have air conditioning because it’s not working in my landlord said he can’t come by to look at it until Friday, which I think is ridiculous because it’s supposed to be between 99° to 103° all week. I am a person who can handle hot weather, but it’s really hard to sleep at night and I worry about my dog if we have to leave the house and leave him here.

I’m just so restless. Today I need to make those phone calls and then clean up around here is much as I can, go tending, go for walks, just try to keep myself busy until I have this arm surgery consult and-or hear back about one of these babysitting jobs.


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