11 days til my wedding!

I can’t believe I am getting married in 11 days! It’s really starting to hit me and I am getting excited. I went to a work party with B on Saturday night and I wore a dress and ended up feeling very pretty so that boosted my confidence. A piece of advice I would give people is not to schedule wedding dress fittings right before your period (which I did TWICE) when you feel bloated and icky about yourself. I think that is what caused my major freakout about my trumpet dress. Now that the bloating is gone, I feel better about myself! I also bought Victorias’s Secret brand shapewear and I think it’s the best I have tried on so far. I bought Bethany Frankel’s version and thought it didn’t work very well. On Saturday I tried on the VS shapewear with the Bethany one on top and it finally worked. I couldn’t breathe that well but oh well. Just hope I don’t faint! I will wear it just for the ceremony at least when I am standing there in front of everyone. The other trick to making your stomach flatter is to have good posture!

B is really excited as well. That man loves me. He told me after five months of dating that he was going to marry me someday and here we are. I remember I didn’t say anything, just looked at him and smiled. He has always made me feel like a princess.

He is in Georgia right now on a business trip for work. I have really hated being here alone right now, I haven’t really done anything but lie in bed. It has been terrible. I just feel in a very vulnerable place right now. I hope I can pull it together tomorrow and go swimming, maybe even tonight. My greatest wish is just to be in a strong place leading up to the wedding. Especially to quit emotionally eating right before I have to wear that dress. 😦 I do feel much better after getting up and taking a shower today.

The resolution to that hair and makeup thing: only my mom and I are getting our hair done. I am extremely embarrassed by that post. And I am doing my own makeup because I couldn’t find a makeup artist. I bought Almay’s line of makeup on Saturday and taught myself how to do it through some tutorials and I feel great wearing it. I spent $70 but I really like their makeup. I will do a review of their products soon. My cousin didn’t want to get her hair done because of the expense, and my mom was going to pay for my sisters’ hair but then she decided that nobody really needed to get their hair done either so it all worked out without me even saying anything (I had already stopped caring about it anyway). My sister is going to do the bridesmaids hair. I am really excited to get my hair done though.

Here is what my wedding ring looks like. I am SO excited about it. I think it is a little bit unique. It is a half size too big but I don’t have time to get it re-sized before the wedding so I am going to do it after. It is a 14K white gold diamond and sapphire band.

from Blue Nile

B got a palladium band.

I’m picking up my dress this Thursday. Just a small clue: it’s made by Pronovias.

For our honeymoon we are going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Has anyone been there?

Here are the little things I still need to do that I am behind on:

  • finalize alot of the ceremony details
  • write out a whole day-of schedule for what everybody is doing
  • connect with the photog about some stuff
  • set up wedding night transportation and hotel for us
  • buy wedding jewelry
  • buy my shoes
  • go buy the beer

I am sort of waiting until I go to Denver on Saturday so I can do these things with my mom. The schedule for next week sort of looks like this so far:

  • I arrive in Denver on Saturday the 16th. I am so nervous about flying because A) I have to take a wheelchair at the airport because I can’t walk that far and that is always stressful to me, and B) I am bringing both my dog and my wedding dress and I have to carry both of them on with me + I have to ask somebody to carry my dog once I get off the wheelchair because he’s too heavy for me + he is a huge pug and I’m kind of worried that somebody will say something about him being too big to fly. If I can just get through all of that I will feel much better
  • It will just be me at my parents’ house until Wednesday which will be nice. I can get stuff done with my mom.
  • Wednesday is my 27th birthday! My cousin is arriving that evening with her fiancé & son.
  • B arrives in town on Thursday the 21st. That evening we have to go to a retirement dinner for my father-in-law – a hassle that his mom scheduled it during our wedding weekend but I am going because I really like his dad. I am just leaving early. My biggest fear is that I’m going to get too tired. The rest of my relatives and almost everyone else are arriving on Thursday.
  • On Friday night is our rehearsal and then rehearsal dinner. I am also not staying late there.
  • Saturday, June 23 is the wedding!

I am promising myself that I will either drive to the pool tonight to go swimming or drive to the dog park. My foot has been feeling better driving lately for some reason.


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