Books, Books, Books!

I am thinking of starting a book blog just for book reviews so that I can do them in more detail, and so I could share it with family and friends, particularly my mom and my aunt. No one that I know in my personal life reads this blog.

I have loved reading my entire life. This is a passion I share with my mom, dad, grandmother, favorite aunt, my sister, and my uncles. We all read books and recommend them to each other. My aunt, my mom, and my grandmother in particular share my love for historical fiction, although I think I am the most fervent in my love for it! For now I will just continue some reviews on here.

After reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See, I immediately read the sequel to it, Dreams of Joy. I liked the sequel even better than the first one! Dreams of Joy follows Joy, a daughter of the main character from Shanghai girls, into China as she witnesses the devastating effects of Mao’s communist regime. I often think that Amy Tan, who is a personal friend of Lisa See, and books of a similar nature get a little repetitive with the common theme of mother-daughter, Chinese-American relationship. I found Lisa See’s books to be different, especially the second one, because of the rich historical detail and the additional political themes.  I can’t emphasize enough how good these two books are.

After that I moved on to some books by Carolly Erickson. Review on some of her books coming soon.


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