Wedding flowers: the florist e-mailed me yesterday because it’s almost time for her to order my flowers. I definitely do want to change a few things from what I told her when I met with her in December. I don’t really like this florist; she bothers me for some reason. I think she does really good work judging from her pictures and recommendations and I think she’ll do a great job with my flowers but on a personal level we haven’t had the best relationship. I’m trying to gather my thoughts about the flowers so that shall know exactly what I want. And so…to collect my thoughts…

Here are some pictures I pinned on to my wedding flowers board on Pinterest.


It’s weird how weddings bring the bridezilla out in people! I am not the stereotypical bride AT ALL. I am shy and don’t like to be the center of attention. I’m just worrying so much about accommodating everyone else. That’s why I have been surprised at myself about a couple of “bridezilla-type” thoughts that have been popping into my head. For instance, my cousin got married yesterday. When she sat her wedding day, I was annoyed because she got engaged over seven months after I did and then made her wedding a month before mine. I’m really happy for her so I feel ashamed that this irritated me so much. But I think it’s because it just “stole my thunder” as they say. I was unable to go to her wedding because it’s so soon before mine and I couldn’t travel twice, which was disappointing but also relieving (we aren’t super close in case you’re wondering, we just see each other at holidays). But I was looking at pictures in her dress looks kind of similar to mine and I was planning things with my grandma for my wedding and then it became about her wedding. I just felt like minds not as special anymore. And I feel so ashamed that I am having these thoughts! Just need to try not to think about it. My mom is annoying the heck out of me too. She told me how much my cousins dress looked like mine, as a way of describing it. She doesn’t even realize what she says is not what I want to hear at all.


Then my other bridezilla thing has to do with hair and makeup. Let me try to explain this. I don’t really want to have a real wedding. I would’ve rather had a private ceremony with just me and my fiancé. If you have a big wedding, I feel like you sacrifice that connection between you and your husband. It becomes all about everyone else in planning a party for everyone else, worrying about how they’re going to be doing, talking to other people as the hostess, etc. so I made an appointment to get my hair and makeup done and then my mom kind of hijacked my appointments and wants to get her hair and makeup done and then set up things for all the bridesmaids to get there’s done. I guess I’ve just been looking for a way to make that day special for me, a small way to focus on myself instead of worrying about everyone else. If I had awoke, I think I would have felt more like the princess because all of my grooms attention would’ve been on me and I would’ve to do what I wanted to do. So getting my hair and make up done is a way for me to feel like a Princess. If everyone else is getting there’s done too, it loses the special treatment value. Does that make sense? I don’t really see why bridesmaids have to get their makeup done when it’s not their wedding! I would never get my makeup done for someone else’s wedding, unless the bride specifically asked me to. The dumbest part of this is that I am almost positive that my sisters do not care AT ALL if they get their makeup done! They aren’t those kind of people who are vain like that. Plus my youngest sister is really good at doing hair and makeup herself. Show is does it for my mom and me when we have a party to go to. But, the problem is that I feel awkward stating this, like everyone will think I’m being rude. Even know if it was never set up for them they wouldn’t have cared. I don’t really care if my mom gets her makeup done. My mom is a beautiful woman, but face it she is not really my competition since she’s 27 years older than me! 😉 Haha. Plus my parents are paying for half of the wedding so she can do whatever she wants! Do you think it’s okay for me to say that I want to be the only one getting my hair and makeup done?

Anyway, not like a bad person saying all this! Here are some other things that are going on.

For food: we are having a sort of gourmet barbecue catering company do the food. It ended up being a lot cheaper, they think it’s actually going to be semi–nice. It’s not just sloppy with paper napkins. It’s like dry-rubbed turkey carving station, etc. It’s also going to be a buffet.

For drinks: B’s parents bought all the wine from winery near where they live in Washington that a family friend works at. This employee got them a 50% discount on all of it so it’s really nice wine. We’re going to do the signature drinks thing (hopefully the only trendy thing we do-I’m not into being trendy because I think it’s not timeless) where B’s drink is bourbon and 7 and mine is champagne with elderflower liqueur (a combination you must try; it makes me feel so elegant). Then we’re also going to have a beer: Coors light and tire. Hey, I’m from Colorado which they call the Napa Valley of beer because there are so many awesome microbreweries there. My actual favorite beer of all time is Easy Street Wheat made by O’ Dells Brewing Company. Maybe I’ll get some of that. But I can’t eat wheat anymore or drink beer (ultimate sadness and the worst part of having a gluten intolerance) and B doesn’t like wheat beer.


3 thoughts on “Bridezilla?

  1. Well, I am probably the least knowledgeable person in all things wedding related, but I really had the impression that pretty much every woman has their hair and make-up done for a wedding, especially if it is for a relative or close friend. I know that both of my sisters and mother had theirs done for the wedding of a very good friend (actually my godfather’s daughter) last summer and they weren’t even bridesmaids or something of the sort (no such things in Greek weddings, fortunately). In an event with so many people and photographs, I find it pretty normal that they would want to look their best. But if you feel strongly about it, you can talk with them. It’s still your day and I am sure everybody will want you to be as happy as possible that day 🙂

  2. The way I dealt with my wedding was to leave it all up to my mom, my MIL, and the wedding planner. That was the only way I could get through it!

    I don’t think your need to feel like a Princess is unreasonable at all. Stick to your guns my friend. You should be the star of your wedding. End of story.

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