Dress Fitting

I promised myself that whenever I get triggered and have an impulse to cope in a negative way that I will write instead, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction or just blogging.
Last night I went in for my first wedding dress fitting. My dress arrived about 10 days ago. I have been seriously doubting my dress choice and seeing it on again made me feel better. I think that happens to a lot of people. You buy it so early and then forget what it looks like on you. In the meantime you’re bombarded with pictures of other dresses (not helped by an addiction to the show “Say Yes to the Dress”). It’s beautiful but I still wish I would have picked a more comfortable dress. Something with straps and something that wouldn’t involve me sucking in my stomach for the whole evening. Does anyone know of a good brand of shapewear? I’ve never worn any. Maybe that would help. I’m thinking of trying Bethany Frankel’s shapewear. Plus my dress was really expensive. I’m feeling guilty about that! It is really beautiful though. It has real French lace instead of synthetic lace, which I think looks cheap. The designer is Provnovias, in case you were wondering.
Anyway I left there liking it, but also in shock but I had to pay $410 for alterations! That was a shock! It has to be taken in, hemmed of course, plus the bustle. I’m thinking of having it cut and made into a cocktail-length dress after the wedding so that I could wear it again. Has anyone else ever done that? When I mentioned that it made B feel a lot better. He bought his own tuxedo (who I does that?) for $800 (!!) so he really has nothing to rub in my face. ๐Ÿ™‚
I would put a picture of my dress on here but I don’t want to chance anyone seeing it for the wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚
My puppy is so big now. Here’s a more recent picture of him.

In other news… I called my estranged sister and she said that she is coming to my wedding and would love to be a bridesmaid.


One thought on “Dress Fitting

  1. I think I suck my stomach in 24/7..it’s just habit now!

    I’m sure your dress is stunning so don’t second guess yourself! First choices are always the best ones, right?

    So happy you called your sister and that she is going to celebrate with you. Kudos to you my friend!

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