The Oscar Post

Oh, I loved watching the Oscars last night. I especially love seeing all the dresses! I did well yesterday and felt really strong.

I need to remember to use my DBT skills, especially just moving with the action urge for each emotion and remembering that’s okay. I also want to work on not thinking about food so much! There’s no reason to think about it right now. I have a lot to do right now because we are moving and I really, really just need to take advantage of that because I love being busy and it’s a great opportunity to do well.

Here were my favorite dresses!

Bernice Bejo

Excuse me, BERENICE Bejo, to spell her name correctly. I was SO surprised that this dress got some bad reviews! I thought it was gorgeous.

Jessica Chastain ---> I think she looks the most beautiful of anyone with her hair and the whole look

Viola Davis

Octavia Spencer

Gwyenth Paltrow (aka GODDESS) ---> I loved her dress without the cape

There you go, my five faves.


4 thoughts on “The Oscar Post

  1. It’s really funny how opinions on fashion differ from person to person. I, for one, just hated the Jessica Chastain look. It reminded me something of those velvet curtains with golden embroidery of baroque style European palaces. I didn’t watch the Oscars ceremony, but I watched some clips this morning while gossiping about it with my sister. I must admit it was fun! 🙂

    • I really think it was her whole look that I liked because I loved her hair and the colors of the dress with her skin. That dress on another person wouldn’t have been that great. 🙂

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