January 6th: Get dressed up more often

I am just sitting here waiting for my nails to dry. Have you tried Maybelline’s Express Finish nail polish? The bottle says it dries in 50 seconds and it totally does! I love it. Right now I am wearing the “Berry Boucle” color (#250).

Ever since I got engaged, I am very conscious of having my nails done. I can’t afford to get professional manicures but I make sure my nails are freshly painted every weekend before I see everybody. I have resolved lately to dress up and take more pride in my appearance, fix my hair, etc. It is something I worked on before in the past and it really makes you feel more confident. I kind of let that lapse for awhile and just put my wet hair up into a bun every day. When I was home for Christmas, I got dressed every day and fixed my hair and it really made a difference so I am trying to keep that up since I got back to California.

Of course this little booger always ruins my toe nails

We are having people over for a game night tonight so I am making chili. Hope its fun. The two people that I consider our best friends here might not be coming so that is disappointing to me because I am kind of anxious hanging out with people from B’s work that are more strangers to me.

I think I have pretty much decided to just go with our original plan for the wedding and just accept it and move on with planning and setting things up. I was considering changing our venue, then having a brunch wedding instead of a dinner reception, and some other things (including eloping staright to our honeymoon destination – but I know I would regret that). I feel like since we have so many out of town guests from B’s side, we should just have the whole thing and dinner reception, etc.  I am so excited to get married, just nervous about standing in front of people and feeling guilty about the money. I just have to move on with it though. Weddings are almost like walking at your college graduation and many other things. In a way you don’t want to do it at the time, but later you look back and are glad you did, for the pictures, memories, and experience.


2 thoughts on “January 6th: Get dressed up more often

  1. I can relate to the last part of this email! I was just talking to my fiance about how much money we are spending on our wedding. It’s ridiculous! Feelings of guilt come over me at times and it’s hard for me to get past, but I think keeping the bigger picture in mind is important. Your wedding is going to be beautiful!

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