Swim today: 15 min.+ hot tub = great routine

I decided not to volunteer today. I’m disappointed with how little I do there and I am just sick of taking the bus. To really nice day out today and went to go on a little walk, by myself. I just tried to take my dog to the mailbox and some idiot was just walking around out there with their dog off -eash, and although it was a friendly dog, it made my dog go crazy and start pulling me when this other dog ran over and tried to play with him. I got all tangled up and re-opened the bad cut I have on my finger.

Pet peeve of the day: when people don’t leash their dogs!

Check out this post by Heather at Our stories are so similar, although I can’t/am too scared to do the exercise she does. I wish the best for her. Like Heather, I can remember the exact day my nerve disorder started almost two and a half years ago: July 3, 2009. After a relapse last month, I am feeling better the last couple of weeks though. So thankful for that. I also just have to concentrate on swimming. What is getting me the most down is the limitations in my career plans which makes me so disappointed. I just have to keep going and realize that most people won’t ever understand, but stick up for myself with disability accommodations in the workplace and school!


4 thoughts on “Limitations

  1. I agree…people who don’t use a leash bother me. I love dogs but I don’t like them all over my clean clothes! I wouldn’t dare say that here in LA though where people treat their dogs like children.

    Keep going my friend…you’ll find your way. I’m hoping that you find people who understand because they’re out there!

    • I LOVE dogs but I agree, Ameena. There are so many situations that just make not leashing your dog a nuisance. What if Maya was allergic to dogs, etc. So many things I can think of.

  2. I don’t mind dogs being off-leash as long as they are well trained and they don’t go near people and other dogs. Of course I just love it when the dogs come to me, but it’s only because I love them all and I don’t have dogs, friends, children around who might get scared. I am really happy you are feeling better again! Stay strong and keep going! 🙂

    • I am the biggest dog lover but I just think on principle that it is dangerous. What if your nice dog is off the leash and runs over to another dog who is mean? Etc, etc. Lots of situations could arise. If they are perfectly trained and stay right by the owner, I won’t complain either!

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