Crafting for distraction

My dog is being crazy right now. He is still such a puppy at eight months old. He just runs around the apartment looking for trouble. He is seriously the cutest pug I have ever seen. 😉

As you know, I get really bored around here, which is really difficult to deal with and triggers a lot of emotions. But I am working on some things that I’m excited about. I didn’t go to volunteer today and I didn’t last week. I started getting really stressed out by riding the bus and got frustrated because I don’t feel like I do much there. I pretty much just watch and observe most of the time and I wish I had more tutoring time.

However, I am really working on several things to plan for my future that finally seem attainable. I don’t know why but I just like to keep that kind of stuff to myself; it makes me less anxious that way. Right now I am trying to busy myself with some things around here. I enjoy cooking dinners for B and planning menus. I do the cleaning and the laundry, I really need to clean the bathrooms today.

My two main projects are wedding planning and crafting, specifically making homemade cards. I have to reiterate over and over to myself that they are purposeful tasks.

My future mother-in-law recently gave to me a Cricut die-cut machine, which was really nice of her and is really awesome. She also gave me quite a few papers and I bought a few more last weekend. Without her help I wouldn’t have gotten to get started crafting again because all of that stuff gets so expensive!

To add purpose to this activity that I enjoy, I offered to make Christmas cards for my mom this year. I made them last year also when I lived with my parents. In previous years my mom has enjoyed making them herself, but now she works full-time, often 50 hours a week, and really just doesn’t have time for it. So it really feels like I am helping her out and doing something I enjoy at the same time.

So when things get hard tonight, I plan to watch my shows and really focus on that, and alternate cleaning. I really need to make a lot of phone calls tomorrow morning but I can’t really do that tonight. So I just have to put that out of my mind for now and focus on these tasks that I can do. Staying strong is the most important thing.

2 thoughts on “Crafting for distraction

  1. Stay strong! I know you are doing so much better. And if you need to clean anything more to make you feel better, I can always offer my house up for cleaning 😛 Seriously, that puppy of yours is the cutest thing ever. Can we have more photos?

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