Addicted to My Book

Hey all.

I am trying to plan a weekend to go down to San Diego again to go to the Nicole Miller bridal salon there. I am really excited! Nicole Miller’s dresses perfectly fit my style and who I am, and the style of our wedding. I am so glad I decided to check out their website and stop looking at some of the designers I don’t click with like Maggie Sotero etc.-the big, common ones that you see all the time. I am not a ballgown type of person! If you want to see a glimpse of my style, check out the Nicole Miller bridal website.

Yesterday I just laid around all day and read my book, it was wonderful. Sometimes I just have to FORCE myself to shut off my brain. I’m reading the 3rd book of George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series (from which the the show “Game of Thrones” was created), called “A Storm of Swords”. I am loving it. I actually thought that this one started really slow. I started it in July and then quit reading about a third of the way through. I just planned on picking it up again later, which I did this month and now I am addicted to this series again. I guess I just had to get in the mood again. I needed a change after quickly reading the first two 1000+ page books. But now I am back! I CAN’T WAIT for season two of “Game of Thrones” on HBO! It comes out next summer. I just love getting really into a book and shutting my brain off and being excited to read.



8 thoughts on “Addicted to My Book

  1. I love how simple and classic most of those dresses are! And she has a lot that are very flowy and would be perfect for my fantasy beach wedding 🙂 I hope you get a chance to go!

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