Versatile Blogger: Random Things About Me!

The very kind Melie passed this on to me.

10 Things About Me:

1.) I am born and raised in Denver, Colorado, although I moved to southern California last March. Something that drives me crazy that I always want people to know about Denver…people that haven’t been there or lived there are always thinking that it’s so cold and snowy all the time. Totally not true. Yeah, it snows, but Denver is one of the sunniest cities in this country. We have over 300 days of sunshine a year there, more than San Diego. It will snow while the sun is shining. Or if it isn’t shining one day, guarantee the next day it will be. I love that. It makes for a lot more happiness with all that sunshine! It’s also really sunny where I live in southern California (I don’t live in San Diego, just to clarify). Both Denver and where I am here are very dry as well, I like that. I hate humidity!

2.) I hate Halloween. Overrated. I like any excuse to party, but I really hate dressing up. This year I am trying to make somewhat of an effort. I’m being a Real Housewife of the Inland Empire. I think it’s pretty funny. B is being a 909 Bro (look that up). I haven’t legitimately dressed up since the 6th grade, when I was the 1940’s-era movie star Lana Turner. No one in my class knew who that was, of course. I got made fun of. It’s kind of a funny story now.

3.) I asked my cousin to be my bridesmaid today. She was really excited and that made me really happy. I am the oldest of 16 cousins and she is the same age as my younger sister (they are a year and a half younger than me). She has always looked up to me like my sister always hasn’t and I love her for that.

4.) People always think I hate children. But I don’t. I volunteer at an elementary school tutoring and I love it. I just don’t want to have my own biological children. I would feel really guilty about it. I just don’t want to bring anyone into this world. I don’t judge anyone else. It’s just a decision that is really important to me.

5.) I have a nerve disorder called Mononeuritis Multiplex. No one knows what it causing it and I am pretty frustrated with doctors at this point. It causes a lot of hardship in my life, but I am thankful that it has improved since it first started.

6.) On my bucket list is to visit every state in the country. I’ve already hit 27 of them.

7.) My favorite foods are apples, peanut butter, and tortilla chips.

8.) I love cooking. Really love it. Right now I am eating lentil soup I made last night.

9.) My signature drink is champagne and elderflower liqueur (St. Germaine). I first had it at this hotel in Nashville a few years ago.

10.) I love to be outdoors. If I can’t get fresh air or get outside every chance I get, I feel suffocated.

I feel a little pretentious talking about myself and my opinions! Anyone else find that hard to do?

Doing something a little different now…I don’t know who has already done this so I would like to pass on this survey/award to the first five people who comment on this post. (If you’ve already done this just say so in your comment!) Thanks for listening!


2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger: Random Things About Me!

  1. Your bucket list idea to visit all of the states is awesome! I’ve been to 24 or 25 myself and I’d like to say I’ve seen them all too… same with provinces and territories in Canada. I’m about halfway there…

    I actually hate apples but I’m sharing your love of peanut butter and tortilla chips! Especially the ones full of seeds like flax and chia that are super crunchy.

    • Okay I pass this award on to you. You actually really deserve it too!

      I don’t know how you can hate apples. šŸ˜‰ But I am not really into any other fruits, just because other fruits upset my stomach somehow. I love tortilla chips with flax seed in them too!

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