I just want to watch TOWIE and 2/4 of the episodes I downloaded today aren’t working so I got stuck on episode 4 of season 3! I’m really ready to get into it again. Argh! On the positive side, Mick Norcross from the show replied to one of my tweets and that made my night! I am such a dork but twitter (which I just joined a few weeks ago) is so fun. I have had three stars reply too me (such nice replies too) and have gotten one of my tweets on Oprah’s network web page. It’s a crazy connection to everyone. I was so against twitter forever but now I see the appeal. Haha! I am such a dork. I DON’T use to interact with people in my real life; they don’t even know my twitter name (I don’t think any of them use it anyway), I just use it to follow the stars (I have a celebrity gossip addiction). Anyone who blogs who actually follows me things I am so annoying, I’m sure. That was bugging me for awhile, but now I decided I don’t care, because Mick Norcross tweeting me to have a good day is worth it! I can also see how it could be a really valuable marketing tool (which I am planning on utilizing for our business we are in the early stages of – with a different name for the business of course).

I have business cards for that now. It’s CRAZY! It doesn’t feel real yet though, we have only just begun all the brainstorming and research, etc. Although we also have a logo and website up now. Can’t tell anyone anything yet though! 😉

You know what’s really funny, I met a guy from Essex in San Diego this weekend. B kept teasing me that he was going to reveal my obsession with the show but I wouldn’t let him…that would have been very embarrassing.

I am super super frustrated with binge-eating. I just feel so discouraged, hopeless, scared of myself, don’t see how I will ever beat it. 😦 Very sad today. I just want to lay in bed forever. I am scared to wake up tomorrow. I open  my eyes and just want to go back to sleep. It makes me SO sad because I otherwise have a very good life but that problem and my fear just won’t leave. And my nerve disorder won’t leave either, and that just keeps it going.


4 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Oh Katie – your too cute! 🙂 I can’t believe you got on O’s homepage?! I have to check that out! I used to do Twitter more, but got overwhelmed with all the bloggers constant tweets (felt too self-promoting/indulgent almost) – BUT celebrities I can totally do 🙂

    What is your business? I had no idea about that.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Jen! OWN network does a question every few days and I answered it and got featured on the main page with about 10 other answers….it was “what are you grateful for?” I like to follow them anyway for the inspiration. I follow very few bloggers, three maybe. I stopped reading so many blogs like that anyway.

      The business…something my fiance and his co-worker/friend are starting…it freaks me out but it should be good. We are just working out initial details so there’s no real money into it yet but when it’s up and running I can talk more about it!

      Hope you are well!

  2. The business you guys are starting sounds intriguing… I hope that it becomes something you can be really excited about and get creative when it comes to marketing and promotion. Using things like Twitter and Blogs will be a great way to spread the word and get things going!

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