Just Do It: Bills

A stressor that had disappeared for awhile crept back up the last week. I am talking about debt owed. After having a panic attack about it last night and not being able to sleep, today I decided to JUST MAKE THE CALLS I need to make and take care of it. It’s not all solved, but making progress and checking things off is making me feel SO much better right now. Procrastination doesn’t get you anywhere! It just builds more stress! I imagine how much better I’ll feel after just doing things and it motivates me to do it.

So for the first credit card I set up a payment plan, it’s only for 3 months but better than nothing.

The second one I at least got the number to call and do the same in the morning.

The last bill pisses me off! I have to call on it tomorrow. It is an outstanding medical bill that I have had for TWO YEARS. Every time I call the insurance company, they say I am not responsible for it and they will take care of it. Then they don’t. Now the hospital wants to send it to a credit agency. I have literally called them over 10 times and have had this happen EVERY time, even when I talked to a manager last time. I am beyond frustrated about it.  It’s United Healthcare in case you are wondering…so I have to call AGAIN tomorrow morning. But you know what, I am going to just do it.

What do you need to just do?


2 thoughts on “Just Do It: Bills

  1. Ughhh that sounds so frustrating! Make sure you talk to managers on both ends of that problem or even ask if you can put them in touch with one another so that they know you’re serious…

    I have a trunk full of stuff from a conference I hosted on Saturday and I wish I could put off unloading it back into the office FOREVER!

  2. It really does sound frustrating! I hope it got taken care of! 🙂 I need to call my bank to see why the credit card works only when it feels like it and I’ve been putting it off for the entire week. I just hate those stuff!

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