First Day Volunteering

I started volunteering last Wednesday. It was really great. For one afternoon (and more to come) I was totally engaged in something besides myself and out of the house. I was supposed to go in today but I was just exhausted B didn’t work yesterday so I didn’t have that day to myself like usual. I offered to come in tomorrow but there is something going on with them tomorrow where I couldn’t come in so I will go Wednesday again, and then stick to Mon and Weds after that. I really just want to force myself to stick to that schedule. It’s a little hard because when I get a bad pain day, it’s hard for me to get down there and back and I am so frustrated by that. I want to go every day! But I can’t. And I have to just start living my life accepting that.

I already feel better about things having this. I just need to get that app. in now. But I am feeling better and am slowly getting there.


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