I Love My Parents

I am busy picking out an anniversary ring for my dad to give to my mom for their 28th wedding anniversary next weekend. (Hey, the guy needs help with these things! My dad owns a hardware store and is the biggest man’s man there is; he has no idea what he’s doing. Good thing he has three daughters!) I chose a sapphire and diamond band in yellow gold for her. I am actually getting a sapphire and diamond wedding band myself, but in white gold or platinum. 😉 I am SO excited about my wedding band, I feel like it’s original! My mom and I have in common that both of our favorite color is BLUE! I had this idea for my wedding band first, but I wanted to get my mom an sapphire engagement-looking ring (because she never had an engagement ring) but I think that is going to be out of my dad’s budget range so I am going to go for an anniversary band.

My parents will be visiting San Diego next weekend for their anniversary trip so B and I will drive down and see them. I really hope to have the ring by then so I can see how excited she will be to receive it!

My parents are such a great example of love and partnership. They have been there for me through everything, emotionally always and financially as best as they could, and I am SO thankful for them.

The day after I last posted about having to reduce our wedding budget from what I thought it would be, my mom and dad offered to give us money towards the wedding to match what B and I have saved for it. This means we will only be about $3000 under what I thought before, instead of A LOT more than that. I cried when my mom told me that. I honestly never expected my parents to be able to give us money to help pay for the wedding beyond contributing to a few small things, and I am just blown away by their generosity and love for me. So B and I will be paying for half, and they will be paying for half.

Another great thing about my parents is that they are not overbearing at all, so I seriously don’t have to worry about feeling guilty that I have to do things my mom’s way because they are helping. I know some people have problems with that, with either set of parents. My parents are really laid-back parents. She doesn’t care what I do, she just wants me to be happy.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment today to express my gratitude for my wonderful parents and everything they do for me. I get so stressed about seeing family sometimes, but I do love them so much and can’t wait to see them this weekend.


5 thoughts on “I Love My Parents

  1. Beautiful post and sentiment Katie. I am glad you have such a loving relationship with them…and that your budget is more flexible – your only getting married once 🙂

  2. I wish everyone in the world could be blessed with loving and supportive parents… what a gift! Love this post!! And I agree with on the budget too… you’re only doing it once so it should be everything you hope for… and then some!

  3. My parents were the same way about my wedding. This reminds me to thank them, again…I can never thank them enough for helping my wedding to be such a wonderful event 🙂

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