Save the Dates

I got my save-the-dates in the mail yesterday!

This is what they look like (NOT my name or location, this is the sample from the site I ordered them from

I love the design and they exactly match the shade of blue I will be using. I am having fun today addressing them and getting them ready to mail out. Once they all get in the mail, it will really feel official to me that I am getting married! It already feels more official than before. 😦

I have been spending a lot of time today doing that (I LOVE HAVING THINGS TO DO!!!!!!!!) and also researching photographers.

Next up is the photographer and the caterer, getting that all set up, and going over my budget again and fine-tuning/updating things.


5 thoughts on “Save the Dates

  1. They are beautiful!! Being busy and occupied is such a saving grace isn’t it? I need to do more stuff like that – zone out doing scrapbooking or something with a movie on or music. So happy for you!

    • Thank you! We should both start scrapbooking more! I made hand-made Christmas cards last year and it was such a soothing and fun activity. Definitely need to do that again this year.

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