The Top Gun Weekend

All of these pics are from the bar we went to Friday night in downtown San Diego. This is the bar where the movie Top Gun was filmed. It was a dirty little hole-in-the-wall place (and it was awesome). Really cool to see; everyone was so friendly. The bartender gave us all free drinks, who knows why. Then on the way home we saw the tail end of the Miramar air show (the flight base/Marine Corps Air Station where Tom Cruise was at in the film). It’s part of the way back up I-15 (the 15 as people here call the highways) towards where we live. Lots of huge jets doing crazy stuff in the sky, an annual thing. Thus, I dubbed this the Top Gun weekend! Now I have to go watch it again!

The bar - homey, local yeah?

The piano Tom Cruise played at


Blue Angel formation (Navy) - this is what we saw driving back (photo credit:


3 thoughts on “The Top Gun Weekend

  1. How amazing is that!! I’m totally adding it to my list of things to do next time I’m in southern Cali… I seem to have no problem getting to San Fran but beyond that… it’s rare!

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