Refreshing Strength

Can you believe it’s the first day of October?! Wow, this last month went SO fast, the fastest in recent memory for me. πŸ˜‰

This weekend we went down to San Diego. B’s friend from the Army (and college) that he commissioned with was visiting there so we got to meet up with her on the Embarcadero and go to a bar downtown. I got a couple of walks on the beach boardwalk in too. πŸ˜‰ I had a really good weekend. I feel strong coming back.

Update: I asked and got one more letter of recommendation! Now only one to go! Problem is I have absolutely NO idea where to get it. I tried looking up two of my professors from when I did some graduate work two years ago in a teaching discipline, only to find that they are no longer at that school. So I will have to do some brainstorming… I just can’t get psyched out about this. I am almost there! I plan to finish my essay this week and then turn in the application.

I scanned in my TB test to the volunteer organization so I can e-mail the coordinator tomorrow and probably start Tuesday or Wednesday. I can’t decide how many days a week I want to do it now. I was thinking three originally, but now I am at one or two. I am excited though. Probably Monday’s and Wednesday’s.

Tomorrow morning will post pics from the weekend and more… πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Refreshing Strength

  1. Your blog looks beautiful as well. I love the leaves!
    I hate getting letters of recommendation. It’s hard to find people who know you well enough and everyone says nice things anyway!

    • You are right, it IS worth it. Love how you said that. I would rather push myself for the five minutes it takes to ask and feel shy or whatever and then get to apply!

  2. Ugh..hunting people down for recommendations is the worst. Could you try just googling or tracking down the people you worked with. I also wonder if schools don’t have something dedicated to having contact info since this sort of thing must happen all the time…good luck!

  3. Letters of recommendation can be so challenging! The great thing is that LinkedIn has now replaced the need to try to find old boses/contacts for this kind of thing. Just have them do it when you are working with them and it’ll always be available on LinkedIn (unless you take it off). Fabulously easy!

  4. Good luck getting that last recommendation! The nice thing about Facebook and Linked In and stuff is that people are never hard to track down anymore…

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