What Fall Means To Me

This last month was horrible.

Today is September. I consider that the start of Fall, and Fall means that “back to school” feeling of new beginnings and hope.

My puppy - Hangin' out

WHAT I HAVE TO SET UP: Sun – Weds volunteer out of the house 3-4 hours each day. I want (really need) it to be in the evening. But mornings are okay too, for a start.

My phone call today with Therese, the head of one organization I want to volunteer for…didn’t happen yet. I am waiting for her to call me back; kind of going crazy.

And the other…tutoring kids at an after-school program…I am still waiting to hear back. I really want this one!

Why is VOLUNTEERING sometimes (often) SO hard?!

My ideal schedule: Sun-Weds volunteer 3-9pm (somewhere in that time period for 3-4 hours). Have a great time with B on the weekends. Obstacle here – after 2pm, I don’t have a car.

Second best option: Sun-Weds volunteer 9-12 (at least 2 of those days). Obstacle here – (more of an emotional one)…the late afternoon/evenings are my hardest time. I don’t know that I would get as much benefit of getting out of the house if it’s not in the afternoon/evenings.

Continuing with both of these: start my new Master’s program Jan 2012 (I HOPE!)

Thinking of this plan and schedule actually happening makes my heart SOAR. Thinking that it might not and I would go on the same as now, makes me feel panicked and in a very dangerous place. Please God can this get all set up. Please. I am just praying and praying.

As we transition to Fall, I am missing Colorado so much. I am also missing being a student (I have this crisis/sadness about that EVERY fall since I graduate from college in 2007). That’s one of the reasons I am so excited about the possibility of tutoring in a SCHOOL! And maybe, I hope, in January I will be a grad student myself again.

For now I am printing out a weekly goal sheet, writing down my goals on it, and posting it on the bulletin board by my computer. I need help. Having patience is my greatest struggle, and that is my greatest fault.


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