Thoughts on TLC’s Big Sexy

Last night I watched the premier of TLC’s new show “Big Sexy”.

I had some interesting thoughts on the show, which follows “five big girls in the Big Apple”.

All five are somehow involved in the fashion industry – boutique owner, fashion designer, makeup artist, and two aspiring models.

I liked the show, especially considering it was the pilot episode. Everyone was likeable. My one opinion at the end of it was this: Did the show miss the mark somehow? Something about it bugged me.

I like the message that there are a variety of body types out there that are all beautiful. There has always been a variety of body types through human history. And we should always just try to be as healthy as we can, for OUR body, while living our lives. I guess I just wish the show didn’t ONLY focus on talking about weight, weight, weight and the ‘we are better than you‘ thing.

I think the most gain for the acceptance of different body types would come from just showing the lives of people, as just people without the label on them. Maybe subsequent episodes will show more about their lives and not just focus on them talking constantly about their weight. I am hoping that was just a necessary introduction to who they are for the first episode.(Hopefully no more episodes of them going to a “chubby chaser” bar where even they felt really uncomfortable. I thought that was really gratuitous. Like the producers orchestrated that and none of the girls were comfortable there.)

You can read a synopsis here. Here is a more opinionated article. Quotes from this second article:

        “The show, natch, is getting all kinds of attention, pitching its supporters — who say it’s about time that big women were given their due — against the fat foes who think

Big Sexy

      is, believe it or not, anti-thin. And then there are those in the middle who think the show is just another ridiculous chapter in the ongoing thin vs. fat debate that is so much of part of the culture for modern women, and that television with its bootcamp series and biggest losers and preening toddlers is doing little to teach young women to accept their body size and focus on being healthy and happy in their own skin.”

    • “Weight, these days, is about war, whether it’s the battle of the bulge for the thin seekers or the fight for dignity when you’re large and in charge.”

B thinks these types of shows are bad for America because they normalize obesity, but I don’t really agree with him, although some other people might see that aspect. I was more bothered by the show because I think saying “love yourself” and then only focusing on weight in the show takes away some of the progress. The incessant promoting of their weight bothered me. It was so body-focused in a different way. I don’t know if that makes sense.

At the end of the show, I STILL don’t know who these people are beyond what they look like, and that seems the opposite of what the show was trying to do. I couldn’t focus on anything beyond their appearance, but only because they kept drawing ME back to their appearance! It was interesting. I don’t know whether to think that is “not a good message” or whether that is just how they feel and that I should just let them feel that way. I am not overweight, but maybe like many women (overweight or not), I guess they just feel like their lives are defined by their weight/looks. And so that is on their mind a lot more than it should be, and that is what we are seeing. My ideas about all of this are evolving. I am just curious as to your thoughts.

Unrelated side note #1:  I just stooped so low as to watch “Toddlers and Tiaras”. This show literally makes me sick.Tonight a mom put fake boobs in the costume of her 7-year old daughter.

Unrelated side note #2: I joined Twitter. Embarrassing. But I only joined so that I can follow the celebrities. This way, instead of reading stories on US Weekly’s website about the skinny girl Twitter war between Leann Rimes and Guiliana Rancic, I can just SEE their tweets back and forth up front and personal! :/ Haha, but really I think Twitter is…weird. I am still getting used to it.

Have you seen Big Sexy? Do you have any opinions to share? I will probably watch again, to see if the show changes, and because I liked some of the girls. Oh, and because all I have to do is watch TV (hence Toddlers and Tiaras). The more I think about it, the more I think this is just another testament to how much we focus on weight, whatever weight it is. I don’t think this is a terrible show, I just think it highlights many things that could be better.

PS – I think the girl on the far right, Tiffany, is so gorgeous, and I really admired how she would just cold-call designers and say “Take a risk, put me in your show”.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on TLC’s Big Sexy

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this show but in reading your review, I have a feeling I would have a lot of the same opinions. Thick or thin, why do we always have to draw attention to someone’s weight? Why do we see a need to talk about it? To point it out? I wish our world would just let people BE. It’s like with the magazines… they put a plus-size model on the cover and then they write in the issue 50 times, “did you see the plus-size model on our cover? we’re different, we accept them”. Um no, if you were different you would put them on your cover and see no difference and therefore no need to point ANYTHING out. End rant. 🙂

  2. I missed the show last night – we were out later than usual. Glad to hear your P.O.V. though. When I saw the trailer, I’ll admit, I was intrigued and then a little turned off at how these women created a “them vs. us” mentality.

    I must be a celebrity 😉

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