You can’t take away the pain…

You can’t take away the pain, but you can always add joy.

Let’s talk about this awesome concept/quote that I have modified.

There are SO many inspiring quotes out there. Most all are amazing. But many seem unreachable sometimes. Probably the thing that inspires me most in my life that these other quotes CAN apply to me is B, my fiance, and his go-getting attitude towards life. When he wants something, he just KNOWS he can make it happen and he goes for it. He has this confidence. The other VERY important piece to the way he does this is that he has patience. He know some of these things take a lot of time to achieve, and he is patient with the process. I have trouble with that, but he continuously encourages me to believe.

However, the above concept (that you can’t always take away the pain, but you can always add joy) is something I can work with every day, even when so many of my dreams seem impossible and I get overwhelmed even trying.

What does adding joy mean? Go on a walk, watch a TV show, just feel good about each little positive coping mechanism you use (and KNOW you deserve to use them), take a bath, hang out with friends, go on an adventure (I have really been focus on our weekend activities as a way to add joy into my life), go swimming, cook a nice meal. Just sit and read as a way to take care of yourself and add joy.

It’s the little things.

So right now I am focused on adding joy.


6 thoughts on “You can’t take away the pain…

  1. Your reading my mind…I’m starting to realize I can’t wait for the binging to stop to “start” other things or to be “good enough” and worthy of doing them. No…because it would be forever…I’m “adding in” the other stuff – the reading, etc. etc. anyways and trying to forget that I’m not worthy – or that I’ll binge later. Or that I’m lazy. It’s so tough. Without the binging, i feel like i could do all those things and just relax ! And take a nap before dinner, just sit and watch TV…it’s so stressful.

    Thanks for this Katie. B is a lucky guy! 🙂

  2. Love this idea! I’ve been trying to add more joy lately as well… more time with friends, family… more time out in the sunshine… more cooking and having fun in the kitchen… more songs on iTunes that make me want to dance… it makes all the difference in the world! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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