An Escape with Friends

An Escape with Friends

Got to hang out with our best friends Tuesday night, and will again this afternoon as they are here all week. We went to B’s best friend’s parent’s house near Pasadena, CA last night (who will be the best man at our wedding). His girlfriend was in town, who I haven’t seen in 9 months or so, and actually both of his brothers that we know were in town too. We got to take our puppy over there to play with their dog (those two had so much fun; my doggie really needs another buddy around here but we have to wait until we have a yard for sure…and more money – dogs are expensive!).

I just felt last night a real escape from my life and constant struggles. I always underestimate the power of being out with friends, of being WITH people. A’s parents are so nice and we got to spend the night there. Any time I get to be out of this apartment is like heaven to me.

Yesterday of course I went crazy again in the late afternoon but this morning I am being strong so I can go swim and then we can ‘escape’ again. Taking advantage of that.

Also, I started drinking tea again. It’s so cleansing and calming. I have a glass tea “infuser” pot and I started using it again with whole tea leaves and herbs (herbal tea). I have been drinking rosebud tea (real dried rosebuds that I brew with boiling water). It’s really good. I love herbal tea the most. Mint is my favorite (so good for your stomach). Rosebud is coming in a close second now though. I am almost out of it; I need to get more.

Question: Are you a tea-drinker? Have you ever tried brewing your own tea with tea leaves or dried herbs?


4 thoughts on “An Escape with Friends

  1. Um…I have a tea obsession…;) – I only hope one day we can do tea and cookies together – preferably in Europe while writing books! 😉 …what, totally realistic right?

    I am actually ashamed to say that I’m jealous of your time with friends. That is worth life itself.

  2. I am a total tea person…but I have to have herbal or decaf, otherwise I feel very dehydrated and I’m awake all night!

    Pasadena is beautiful. I only wish it wasn’t SO FAR!

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