Changing the Focus in Thinking

Changing the Focus in Thinking

This is something I’m working on that for some reason I have been really successful at today.

Basically, focusing on what I’m doing right, not what I’m doing wrong. Focusing on positive thing I want to achieve, not just the negative.

One example: When we went to the gym today, I was swimming laps and B came out and said he was going to go wait in the car. This was about halfway through the time we expected on being there. I think he wasn’t feeling very well. So he went back in and I started feeling so rushed all of a sudden. Normally, I like to swim (I am able to do about 20 to 25 min.), then layout and tan for 10 to 15 min., and then go shower and get dressed. I was about to get out after my swim and run inside and hurry out and get dressed, skipping the tan and shower part (something he didn’t ask me to do at all), when I decided to just go on as planned and do what I needed to do for me. This was one of the few times that I have been able to put the idea of “take care of yourself see you can take care of others” into practice. I thought about how I deserve to get to take this time for myself, the only time I really enjoy in the day and the only time I get to be really out of the apartment complex. And I thought about how the initial thought that it wouldn’t be nice to make him wait for me was really incorrect. I thought about hello I would really be able to be nicer to him later if I felt better. And you know what? That’s what ended up happening. I felt great after doing when I needed to do. And when we came home I wasn’t crabby, I don’t feel crabby now, I made him a sandwich, etc.

Another example: Focusing on the nutrients I am getting from food. At various different times in my life, in the last few years, when I have been able to do this, I find it to be so healthy for me mentally had physically. So this is an important part of transitioning to more healthy eating. Today, some of the things I got nutrients from:

  • Nuts – from Emerald brand Mixed Nuts; calcium, vitamins E, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus, and the zinc, manganese; protein; some fiber; healthy fats
  • Apple – my favorite fruit and pretty much the only one I eat
  • Salad including spinach, tomato, carrots, among other things – lots of obvious nutrients

The two things I am working on are now (remembering me talking about just focusing on one or a few things at a time):

  1. After finding out that I can go to nursing school, and feeling very discouraged about how many credits he would take to go to PA school, I have decided to apply for a Master’s degree program in public health. This was suggested to me by the advisor at the nurses will. And really interested in industrial and workplace health, especially as pertains to hospitals and healthcare settings. I became interested in this when I worked in a hospital clinical diagnostic laboratory. We worked with many chemicals as well as radioactive substances and I think the whole workplace safety thing is interesting. I was often appalled by the little care people took with these things. I once got tritium, a liquid alpha ray emitter, in my eye! I always kind of wonder about the effects of this. Anyways, I am applying to this Master’s program at a school are really like that is close by. I kind of don’t understand a lot of what this field is about, there are so many avenues to go with it and it confuses me. But I am hoping to find out more. I really like how I can apply to this program based on my bachelors to Korean pretty experience, just filling out the application, essay, and letters of recommendation. I don’t have to jump through all these loopholes when I already have Biology degree. It doesn’t make sense to take more credits for classes that were already encompassed in my whole degree, they just don’t have the correct name. So I am working on, and determined to, apply to this program. Just want to get application in by October 15th and then explore more after that and make sure it’s what I want to do.
  2. I am also going to set up volunteering out of the house at least two days a week. I really need to get out of here. I need to schedule. It’s just not okay and not working like this. Tomorrow I am going to call one of the organizations. A great place to find volunteer opportunities is I have found many opportunities through them. So I’m going to call this lady tomorrow.

I need to focus on creating the life I want to live health-wise and how I feel.

And I am tired of being bored. I need to feel better AND work on setting up these things, and BELIEVE I can handle school and then working.


4 thoughts on “Changing the Focus in Thinking

      • I had a concentration in Health Policy and Administration. The policy side could be used for Healthcare reform (i.e. working in D.C. to get bills passed and lobby). The admin side (which is the direction I went) could be used for admin over a hospital, physician’s office, etc. Basically a business degree for the healthcare field. After graduation, I got a job as a healthcare consultant. I wrote CONs, strategic planning documents, etc. I liked it, just not enough to do it for very long.

      • Thanks for sharing! I was going to go the Health Admin route too but don’t know how much I would like it. So I am thinking more of a health educator track like I was saying in industrial/hospital health. I guess it would be kind of both.

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