Going to the Movies Solo

Really not feeling good the past two days — like chest pain/hard to breath, dizzy, stomach issues. And SO tired!

I had an unrelated neurology appt. today and met a new doctor…

Going to see “The Help” by myself tonight. 🙂 Have I ever told you how much I love seeing movies by myself?! 🙂 I will tell you how I like it.



3 thoughts on “Going to the Movies Solo

  1. I’ve never been to the movies alone! But I like to think that I could do it… I’m interested to hear how you like “The Help”.

  2. I haven’t been to the movies alone either so kudos to you for doing so! I really plan to one of these days. I think it’s admirable.

    I hope you are feeling better today my friend. Sorry yesterday was so rough.

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