On keeping promises

Hello everybody. I have to tell you how much I enjoy sharing books with you all!

We went camping on Friday night with friends and it was SO FUN. Another one of those times that I felt alive again. I just enjoyed life up there and felt so at home in the mountains. I felt like I was being who I was meant to be.

Of course, today is hard again. Sunday’s always seem to be hard for me. Sorry, not much else to talk about today, having a bad day.

My worsened problems with bingeing (sorry, I just like to spell it like that or I think of a binging chime or something – like the sound) caused a problem today and I really upset B and I just feel like a terrible person today. I just want to do better, and PROVE I can do better. I feel like I am bad at keeping promises, to myself and others, and I want to work on that and prove I can do that more than anything in the world.

Do you have a day of the week that is particularly hard for you?

Do you like to go camping?

How are you on following through with things?


4 thoughts on “On keeping promises

  1. I think Thursdays are usually hard for me because I’m worn down from the week but don’t have the pep of “Woo It’s Friday!” yet. Also Mondays right now because Peter doesn’t get home until 10 at night and it can still be hard for me to be alone at night with food when I’m tired. The urge to binge is still there sometimes. I have gotten really good at distracting myself and reminding myself how unfulfilling it would feel to give in. But it took TIME. You will get there too.

    • Tina, I can do it some days and not other days. I think most frustrating is that I have conquered it at other times in my life, so when it comes back it is defeating. But I keep fighting! My fiance works nights so I am always alone at night so that is hard! I hear you about Thursdays because you are worn out but not quite to celebratory mode yet!

  2. You are enjoying summer! Getting out and camping with friends…I’ve never done that…

    It’s like whoa with the binging…I didn’t realize it was an issue for you so much…it’s a horrible issue for me. What I hate though is that it’s not just now and then – it’s every night – for months and months and years now even..it makes me ashamed to be around other people and so hard to get up and face the next day.

  3. I used to camp a ton, but I’ve not been in forever so I don’t know if I like it anymore.

    The hardest days of eating for me are rest days and days off work and school since I’ve got nothing to occupy my time with.

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