Can money buy you happiness?

Sitting on the top of the couch so he can look out the window

Okay, just had to start off with a gratuitous photo of my puppy. 😉

Today’s topic: Money and Happiness

When people say, “Money can’t buy you happiness”, I always say the same thing my mom says, “Oh, YES IT CAN!” But then I clarify: money can’t buy you total happiness, but it can buy you more happiness than you have now.

There are A LOT of things money can’t fix. But…there are A LOT of things it can. For instance, if I had millions of dollars, I would find A LOT of things to do so that I have a purpose and am not just stuck here sitting and thinking too much every day. Examples:

  • I would start my own charity. That takes a lot of time and energy (just ask the lady who founded the dog rescue I used to volunteer for). And it would be so worthwhile. And that would make me happy.
  • I would pay off all of my debt. THAT would make me happy!
  • I would hire a driver. Then I could go anywhere I wanted and not be stuck at home (the theme here, perhaps)!
  • I would travel A LOT. Travel = happy. Maybe I would even set up some charity work in a foreign country.
  • I would have a lot of money to find the most awesome therapists and also the most awesome doctors to help me with my nerve disorder.
  • I could start my own company. Then I would have a job!
  • And finally, I would build my own house that I could decorate and that would have a 25m pool in the backyard so that I could swim laps whenever I wanted.

See? This all would make me very happy. Just sayin’. 😉 Thinking about this reiterated to me how much happier I would (will?) be when I have a purpose/job/career and if I can find some good solutions to my nerve disorder-related stress. So that’s good. But it also stressed me out about my debt, which I try to block out of my mind at all costs.

Do you agree/disagree?

What kind of charity would you start if you could? Mine would have to do with dogs, of course, but also another one with making mental healthcare more accessible —> that is a cause that is very important to me.


10 thoughts on “Can money buy you happiness?

  1. Well, if money can’t buy happiness, it can certainly make life a lot more enjoyable. 🙂 I have wanted to do an animal shelter ever since I watched the lady and the tramp Disney movie when I was little. But if you or Lisa beat me to it, I would love to open a charity that promotes literacy especially for vulnerable groups.

  2. I’d start a children’s home of some sort. There are so many children being neglected and abused. The need is HUGE! In fact, when we get a house that’s big enough, I’d like to adopt/foster parent.

  3. I totally agree as well! I need to win me some lottery money stat 🙂

    I think I’d start a charity that would prepare healthy meals for low-income families or families where the parents just don’t have time. It hurts my heart when we run our summer camps and kids are bringing Oreos and Dunkaroos and Mars Bars every day!

  4. I have deep issues with money. Deep. It’s preventing me from living my life…if I had $120,000 it would go straight to my student loan debt…that would feel like the weight of the world off of me.

    Your ideas are so fantastic!! What kind of company would you want to start?

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