Goals for August


1. Post once a day on the blog.

2. Do my DBT skills checklists again and record them on the blog with featured skills, etc. USE these skills! Use the blog to be accountable for these skills.

3. Get that glamour back consistently!

4. Record (and amp up) how many fruits and vegetables I eat per day. Eat real food for dinner and focus on nutrients. Stay within the calorie range I wrote down, tone up, eat clean, feel good! I get concerned about how little nutrients and vitamins I get because I often eat just carbohydrates and comfort foods. I have gotten alot better about this since I have gotten my appetite back (better as in I eat more real foods now), but I really want to continue and majorly improve how many nutrients I get (especially protein, omega 3’s and vitamins/minerals) because I haven’t focused on or thought about that for too long.

5. Take my multi-vitamin every day (my New Year’s resolution)! I have improved on this consistently over the year, but in the last month have forgotten way too many times!

6. Keep having fun with friends and making new ones!

7. Get back into a routine for my days.

8. Figure out nursing school or a job here; if that doesn’t work out, set up a writing schedule and stick to it, just do a little each day.

MOST important theme is get back on track with DBT skills and stay in that good cycle. Build back my confidence with that.

I am torn between showing more pictures of myself and talking about more personal things on my blog. I really want to talk a lot more about mental illness and DBT skills, etc. So I don’t like to show myself because it is easier for me to talk about that stuff when I am more anonymous. And those topics are important to me to share, and important for me to create a log of accountability, so I want to be able to do that.

Topic Two: Evolving my blog reading

  • Over the last few months, I have stopped reading a lot of blogs that, well, sort of bother me. Most of these are those that are any of those 3-meal-posts-a-day type of blogs (just think those are WEIRD!). Now I am going even further with what blogs I read, cutting out a lot more are too fitness-related (perfectly fine for those people to do that, just makes me sad about my physical limitations). I will keep reading those of this latter type written by people that I have already really connected with via commenting, because I like them. I am just not as much into blogs that are purely about food and fitness; I prefer ones that are more about life (and incorporate that in with other things). I like LIFE blogs. And I would like to read more blogs about anxiety and other things I struggle with. Also increasingly reading blogs about writing and reading.

Topic Three: On evolving blog writing

  • Look at me, just writing, writing, writing today. This is about creating more of a focus to this blog.Β  I just really want to document, describe, share and process positive coping skills more, and also document and cultivate more ‘glamour’ in my life. {Side note, I looked it up, and the Brits spell it glamour, while in America you can spell it glamour or glamor…yet we always spell glamorous like so. Interesting.} This complicated word means so many things to me; I can’t even articulate it all, but I know what I mean.

Happy August! Hope this month is good for you. What are some of your goals for August?

Have the types of blogs you read evolved over time?

What would you like to see me write more about?


6 thoughts on “Goals for August

  1. Happy new month! It might be True Blood overload, but the first thing that came to mind when I read your “glamour goal” was you looking at people in the eye and say “you will remember nothing of this. all is ok” πŸ˜‰ I would be happy if I could post 2-3 times a week, but work is hectic and I can’t even do that. So, you can safely stop reading mine and not miss anything. But please do post more stories about the puppy. I think I am in love!

    • I will never stop reading your blog, I love it. πŸ˜‰ Don’t worry about that! You have the right attitude and you work hard. I also have no problem posting more puppy pics. πŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds like you’re getting everything in order in August! I know what you mean about weeding out the blogs that you don’t HAVE to read anymore… I cut my google reader from like 125 to maybe 60 a few weeks ago! Felt so good!!

    As for the multivitamin goal – do it!! I’ve been dilligent with mine for over 2 weeks now and the difference is UNBELIEVABLE. My nails have never been so strong in my entire life, for starters! I think it’s the extra Vitamin B Complex I’ve been taking…

    • Wow, that is so encouraging to hear about the vitamins! I know I have seen some little differences in the last few months, but I am hoping that if I CONSISTENTLY take it every day, I will see some unbelievable results too! I took it last night, started the month off right! πŸ˜‰

  3. I NEED to do that with the multi as well. I’m going to lay it out on my counter…now I need to pick up more though!

    Gosh – I LOVE everything about this post!!Everything…where to begin even…

    Do you take any pills/med’s for your anxiety? I’m torn as to what to or what’s right anymore honestly…:(

    You have such wonderful goals. Love them all. Yes, I erally just need to do that do with the blogs – they are literally killing me -make me more anxious, hating myself, definitely binge more…ugh. Such a vicious (addictive ) cycle.

    • Thank you so much for your support for my goals πŸ™‚ . I do take two medications, although one is a mood stabilizer and not for anxiety. One is a more as-needed anxiety med. I definitely think you should talk to someone about it. It’s hard but there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes people are against them, but I think so often the negative coping mechanisms are worse than taking medicine. I try to tell myself that all the time when I question it.

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