Just One Thing a Day

I get overwhelmed so easily, especially about little things, like making phone calls. Then I procrastinate and don’t do anything. Today, I had three main things to do: e-mail the lady at our wedding venue with the changes that need to be made to the contract, called the enrollment counselor back about my questions concerning disability resources, and balance our budget.

The thing I got done today was balancing the budget. While I’m proud of that, of course I am still yelling at myself in my head about the other two things. They are just hanging over me and bothering me that I didn’t do them. But I did do the budget, and that really needed to be done, and it’s really important for us. Once I finished updating it today, I realized how good it is for us to track spending, and how helpful this is going to be for us.

So I keep telling myself: if I do just one thing a day, just one thing a day on my main to-do lists, I am doing something worthwhile and I can say that I had a productive day. Tomorrow, I will again try to do everything, but if nothing else, I will call the enrollment counselor. And on Thursday, I will complete the list of revisions for the contract and call the planner at our wedding venue.

So tomorrow I will call the enrollment counselor. After that I can order my scores sent to the school. Those two things will be a huge accomplishment for me. It will be best if I get them done in the morning, before B wakes up and we go swimming/to the gym. I feel like I get overwhelmed more easily in the afternoon and that’s when I don’t accomplish as much. The hardest time of the day for me is the late afternoon. My head just starts spinning. Then when the sun starts to set I feel better again.

How do you break down your to do list?


6 thoughts on “Just One Thing a Day

  1. I try to do the things that will cause me the biggest headaches (if they don’t get done) first. Prioritizing is huge for me!

  2. I am doing one thing at a time. Whenever I tried to work on multiple things I messed up in all of them. So I just write the list and focus on one thing. If I do everything it’s good. If I don’t do everything, I still know that the ones that I did are completely and totally over.

  3. I like to make a list of things the night before and then I don’t feel like getting them done the following day is an option. It is a must-do for me.

    Late afternoon is the hardest for me too…I think it’s a blood sugar thing?

    • Maybe it is a blood sugar thing, very interesting thought. I just get most anxious then…and I am also hungry so perhaps they go together. I know it is more than that but maybe that contributes for sure!

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