Dear Self, it’s today

Dear self, remember to do the best you can and each moment. Stay hot in each moment. Eat nutrient-rich foods. If that’s all you do, will be okay and can still have fun. Get outside for long walks or go to the pool anytime you need to before taking impulsive actions! Today is a new day. It doesn’t have to be like yesterday. That’s behind me.

Knock off tasks, walks, pool, breathe fresh air, enjoy this summer day, clean heating, cleaning the apartment, K. If need. Sexy summer mindset.

So today, I am going to go tan at the pool or walk Ralph if I am struggling. PROMISE!

I LOVE Ralph...cutest little guy ever!

The other main topic going through my head right now is for-profit schools. I found a four-profit nursing school near her. I normally am pretty it against them because I think they can be release scammy. I saw this one and I still want to talk to a representative but I think it would be so much easier as a route to getting a nursing license and being able to practice as a nurse. My ultimate goal is to either be a PA or nurse practitioner, which I consider pretty much the same thing (both masters level degrees, and pretty much are able to do the same things in practice). I just want to go the route that lets me start working on that goal as soon as possible. I know I have to be patient, like I talked about yesterday, but at the same time, waiting SO long to get started (and not even knowing if I will be able to get started) is kind of slowly killing me in the meantime. When that happens, I kind of lose the possibility of getting anywhere because I get so beaten down. That’s what I don’t want to happen. So I need to work on my patience, but if I could get started sooner, I wonder if that would save me in a way.

We’ll see what they say when I can contact them today. In California, you can often enter directly into a master of science in nursing program with a bachelor’s degree (unlike Colorado,you don’t already have to have a bachelors of science in nursing itself…in Colorado, I would have to enter an accelerated BSN program that would take one year, then get a two-year Master’s degree…most states are like that). I don’t want to pay for a traditional BSN program in less I can get a ton of the classes waived through my previous Biology degree. The Masters degree wouldn’t be so expensive for me.

Today I feel like I can do this dream, but I’m so back and forth. I think I get the most frustrated about having to take all of these prerequisites, when the subjects are already encompassed in my biology degree, they just have different class titles. That really discourages me and pisses me off, quite frankly.

Yesterday, it became apparent that I just have to do something, and SOON. so I am going to research this for-profit school, keep working on my original PA school application plan, and find someprogram that I can start next spring regardless of what happens. I don’t want to have to go beyond next spring with nothing to do and no plan.

Finally got the wedding venue lady to call me back and she has completed the contract and is sending it to me! I am nervous about how the wedding is a little bit outside of Denver, but I’m really excited. 🙂

Ralph is so cute, so cute!!! He’s my little companion and I love having him around here.

He's so much bigger than this already!

Also, got this from Lisa’s blog (… You put up a list of books you want to read and work towards your goal. I want to read 25 more books by the end of the year, I am going to try to set up the list this week.


5 thoughts on “Dear Self, it’s today

  1. I am so back and forth about my dreams as well…every day. Every minute sometimes! I think that’s normal. But then I see people like my friend who is a surgeon and I wonder how she identified her dream and went for it without wavering. And I wonder if she is the exception or if I am?

    I don’t know your last name otherwise I’d find you on Good Reads but if you want to connect you know mine!!

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