Perfect temps

Really excited because this is the forecast for the next 5 days:

Monday: 88°

Tuesday: 85°

Wednesday: 81°

Thursday: 81°

Friday: 84°


You know what this means… I get to open the windows and turn off the AC!

Today it’s 92° and I am actually already opening the windows. Anything in the 80’s is my perfect temperature.


  • Just e-mailed our wedding venue again with the final details about our ceremony and reception times.I don’t understand why it’s taking her so long to get the contract to us so we can look it over and send our deposit back. It’s starting to make me nervous, I just want everything to be locked in and good to go. But we are keeping in contact so hopefully this will be it.
  • Determined to finish the first draft of my PA school essay today. Still so overwhelming but if I can work on that today, I can make the phone calls about shadowing tomorrow. And I can set up registration for my one class I have to take tomorrow.
  • Just still fighting this boredom and frustration. Waiting on three jobs to hear back from them.
  • I have been walking so much better. But today my feet are turning that purpleish/blue color again, which hasn’t happened in a long time, probably about a month. It scares me. Why is it so random? I don’t know if I should be less afraid that it’s random or more afraid. In general, it makes me less afraid. But when it comes back, I get scared.

How do you deal with inpatience? Are you a patient or inpatient person? I have so much trouble being patient with the process that I get stagnated and don’t even try sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Perfect temps

  1. The weather is really perfect! I hope your feet feel better soon so you can enjoy again walking in perfect California weather! 🙂 I am not patient. Like at all! I want things to get done and I get really frustrated when they don’t go the way I want them to and generally I am bad with that. I know it’s a bad approach and I am trying to at least fake being patient so that things get done..

  2. Awww, I would have traded you my rain for your 92, haha. I don’t blame you for being frustrated either – I couldn’t be patient if I tried!

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