It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day today here in the San Gabriel Valley. It’s 80° and sunny. I don’t know why we are having a bit of a cooler day today for late June, but it’s really beautiful. I am really enjoying it.

Tomorrow we are going to Seattle for B’s parents’ annual Fourth of July bash. They have a huge party every year where all of B’s friends get together and celebrate. This year it’s going to be especially huge because it’s also a sort of welcome home party for B and many of his Army friends who are coming. They returned home from Afghanistan in January/February of this year.Y’all know I am the little nervous to travel, but it is always fun. And the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday!

Mount Rainier, planetware.com

LOVE when it’s a clear day there you can see Mount Rainier!

Date set for the wedding! June 23, 2012

Questions for you: Have you ever been to Seattle? What do you think is a good time for a wedding ceremony? I am thinking 530 for the ceremony, followed by a cocktail hour and dinner at 7.

Going to take Ralph on a walk. This nice weather isn’t too hot for him. Yay for walks, even though mine are just little ones. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Upcoming

  1. I used to go to there monthly when I lived in Vancouver and had family in Seattle… then they moved to San Fran and I moved inland. Bummer! Have a great trip!!

  2. I think your wedding date and times sound great – the early evening is so lovely.

    I really like the fourth of July too – the food is great, everyone is in a celebratory mood, and the weather is usually warm.

  3. I’d love to go there! It sounds like your having a great time from the comment on my post – so happy for you! Do you feel that it’s being in a new setting that’s refreshing and changing your outlook or the people that you are with specifically?

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