PA School: Timeline

I have to constantly, constantly, talk myself up about applying to PA school. How I’m going to go about it, that I can do it, not to get anxious about the process, etc.

Today I felt so restless and purposeless and unfulfilled, as usual. 😦 It’s such a struggle. Then I get this fear going that it will never end. Then I become immobilized… Again.

So today I made a timeline. It reminds me to go one step at a time. It also reminds me of what I need to do, and give me a sense of accomplishment as I check off pieces of the plan.


  • June 27-28: Finish application essay
  • After 4th of July trip (by June 11th): Set up shadowing with a PA
  • By July 12th: Order transcripts
  • By July 18th: Ask for rec’s
  • Register for a couple of classes by July 20th
  • Submit application by 8/31!

Great swim today! 🙂 I love summer! Anxious to go on more walks; my foot kind of hurts right now. But I have enjoyed them today and I’m going to go on another one after dinner.

It helps me so much to think of what nutrients are in my food. It’s actually fun. Tonight I had:

  • Chicken breast baked with Caesar and Lemon Pepper – PROTEIN! My main focus right now is making sure I get enough protein every day (along with my New Year’s Resolution of taking my multi-vitamin every day, which I am kicking ass at!).
  • Roasted potatoes with basil, salt, and pepper – fiber, actually a modest amount of protein, iron, and a good source of Vitamin C (if you eat the skin, which I always do).

Do you make timelines for yourself? Do you stick to them?

What is your favorite way to cook chicken breasts? I get a little bit grossed out by them, so I prefer them chopped up in a stir fry, which is what I am making tomorrow night!


One thought on “PA School: Timeline

  1. Haha! It’s really funny but having a TODO list or a timeline it always makes me feel so much better. It’s like I have a plan. And it always feels so nice to be able to cross these things off your list!

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