On passions

Okay, my arms hurt because I have been messing around on the computer too much. I’m so stupid sometimes, I stopped paying attention and end up in pain from “overuse” (quotes because it’s not overuse for normal people, just for my wacky nerves).

Today’s topic is passions. As in your passions in life. When life gets hard, I tell myself that as long as I am stuck on this planet, I can at least enjoy my passions as much as I can. I always have them.

My passions are: exercise (right now my swims), reading, dogs, and being outside whenever I can.

I have all of these things and they are joys in this life.

What are your passions? Does that help you to think that you always have them to carry with you? Thinking about reading in that way especially helps me. Reading is one of my greatest joys in life, and is often my salvation. I always have my books. I know sometimes this stuff isn’t enough. For me, I want to fulfilling contribution to this world, especially regarding a career. I really want that. But when I am really overwhelmed, these little things help.

Randoms: I love summer. I had an amazing swim today, outside in the hot sun. I have a lot of little things to do today that I am working on. I feel so much better than yesterday, not so exhausted. Yesterday I literally felt more tired and exhausted than I have ever felt in my entire life! Combined effects of puppies and some worrying (about traveling for the Fourth of July – so stressed about that).

Wedding date set! I am just going with what I originally told her. It’s less than a year away. 🙂


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